Saturday, November 21, 2009

Black Is Beautiful

The pic was taken a long time ago, few years back I think.
I want my old silky black hair back. Well credit to your own self missy ella for actually sabotage your hair with the coloured chemical, relaxer, straightener, ntah pape lagi ko buat bler pegi salon.
Pretty much tangled up which colour should I choose next.
Cut Above here I comeeeee.
Our hairstylist George Khoo better come up with sumthing to get rid of my super dry hair with thousands of split ends.
Gosh so unhealthy hair!
*Ignore the vain-ness of the picture, pic lama kot. ella pun nyampah tgk pic tu"

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

i want to steal her clothes.

oh i just love rachel bilson and her sense of style! im obsessed with the handbag, comel gler.

the loose shirt, the leather jacket, wayfarer and the tousled hair, omg!

karok korak karok

Karok is the best thing you can do with your loves one. Mampos la some people said suara mcm laki. hahaaa! that's da point of having the karaoke box, no one can listened syok sendiri okieee nak suara sedap pi masuk juara lagu la. cant wait to karok with u guys sayangness.
lagu janji manismu and mengapa, hit it!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cant think of any title.

I guess some peple just think they are too good for ur own family blood.
People are just born with a big ego, we are not like dat.
Laen kali ella nk cakap aah ella mmg bodo x pandai.
Sorry saya bukan doctor, engineer and wtf pape la.

the 20 me in advance.

I might not have many friends, but I do have 3 extreme super close best friends (only 2 came) who came all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Tronoh meredah segala hutan belantara and pak guard UTP, skip their classes, spend RM25 times 2 for the money toll and the best part they came a day before my killer final exam paper, (perfect timing guys haha!) and my birthday is on this coming Wednesday.

However, 2 thumbs up guys for really did surprised me for u guys presence with the birthday cupcakes from cupcake chic. Awwwwww U guys are so awesome!

Still terharu nieeeeeeeeeee awwwww, I can’t describe in words. Despite of having final exam paper as my birthday present this year, what u guy did was totally beyond what I expected. Best gift ever from you friends. Nothing can top that this year. Safe journey back to Kl the white neo cps! All eyes on ya.

Muahhh muahhh comolot sayang koranggg Fieza and Illi. There are no other friends like them who we fight jerit pekik everytime we met, kutuk depan depan but at the same we love n care for each other. It is just the way we share our friendship, honesty n loyalty and and membahan each other.

Credit to sara and Iylia too for helping them out figure it out how to surprise me. I love my other friends too, jgn forget my birthday sudeyh I know la final kan. teehe.

Okie till here then, gotta post it quick as im having my paper on 2.30pm. chow n wish me luck!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rock My World

After I spend a long time reading my previous blog posts, ( see ella so syok sendiri reading her own blog!), I have just realized one thing. Oh my friggin goat (omfg!) ive been talking again and again and again about my hectic life of tests and assignments and projects and so on. I’m sorry I’ve been too busy coping up with studies till I didn’t noticed that I had actually annoyed the ears of listening and the eyes of reading my blog. Sorryyyyyy, I know it is not necessary to apologize here. However, face the fact miss ella everyone is busy too. So, sorry again guys.

So, now I shall better switch topic.

Just to tell ya about how life works to me. I am pretty happy with where I am now. I’m not complaining with all the flaws in my life, God knows what the best is for me. I know sometimes thing just don’t work out as u expected, but thing just happened for a reason, god knows. So friends, if you are not meant to be with who-who or what-what, just let it be. It is the opportunity to see the world and people and experience. Seriously, the place n situation where I stand now is what I achieved so far. Let all people say what they want or let all people have that kind of life, for me I’m happy.
I am so happy like a kid looking at the rainbow for the first time, heeeee.

So now I shall do what I want (in the 5 years time).
1.) Go Europe backpacking trip. TICK
2.) Go dance and shake ur booty botty in the heavy rain.
3.) Approach a random hot guy at the mall and never plan to see him again. (social suicide kot)
4.) Bungee jumping, I always want to do this but I dun think Mummy allowed to do so.
5.) Pegi Bali, again. I like!
6.) Conduct my own photo shoot and actually learnt how to use slr camera.
7.) Hold a snake.
8.) Graduating from utp and throwing the graduation hat with my peeps.
9.) Roadtrip with frens to Malacca. TICK
10.) Nak tgk Zee Avi perform live.

11.) Be the coolest keyboardist ever,

Good luck to all Techies for the final exam next week.
All the best sayangness, only for the techies. Budak engineering x mo wish haha. =P

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Too scared to talk, too nervous to focus.

I have 15 minutes rest now, I find a time to blog for a while.

3pm - System Analysis Design Project Presentation
4pm - Business System Development Project Presentation
5pm - Business Statictics Test

Im shivering and Im scared of screwing up everything. I dun know what else to think now.
God, give me faith and friends lend me all ur luck for a while just for this evening.
I cant wait to get this over and settled up everything by tonight so i shall start my studweek in calm and peaceful.

Dr Fadzil puh-lease dont let us feeling down, devastated and useless because we need motivation for our final exam next week.

Okie i'm out for our final meeting before presentation. wish us luck! Insyallah.

Monday, November 2, 2009

silent mode.

Suddenly something has happened to me
As I was having my cup of tea
Suddenly I was feeling depressed
I was utterly and totally stressed
Do you know you made me cry
Do you know you made me die
And the thing that gets to me
Is you'll never really see
And the thing that freaks me out
Is I'll always be in doubt

It is a lovely thing that we have
It is a lovely thing that we
It is a lovely thing, the animal
The animal instinct

So take my hands and come with me
We will change reality
So take my hands and we will pray
They won't take you away
They will never make me cry, no
They will never make me die
And the thing that gets to me
Is you'll never really see
And the thing that freaks me out
Is I'll always be in doubt

-animal instinct by The Cranberries

oh yeahh i need to chop chop my hair, nak colour merah laa mcm paramore sket! haha

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Exam brings out the monster in you

hey missy, dah guna dapur bersih la balik, tinggal tunggang langgang mcm tue je.
Hellooo perempuan perempuan( im trying to use my most polite words here), my temper has a limit but this time it is boiling point.
*&%$#@!!!*^! shitto fuck!
If you are readin this clean up the mess.
Thank you.