Monday, November 16, 2009

the 20 me in advance.

I might not have many friends, but I do have 3 extreme super close best friends (only 2 came) who came all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Tronoh meredah segala hutan belantara and pak guard UTP, skip their classes, spend RM25 times 2 for the money toll and the best part they came a day before my killer final exam paper, (perfect timing guys haha!) and my birthday is on this coming Wednesday.

However, 2 thumbs up guys for really did surprised me for u guys presence with the birthday cupcakes from cupcake chic. Awwwwww U guys are so awesome!

Still terharu nieeeeeeeeeee awwwww, I can’t describe in words. Despite of having final exam paper as my birthday present this year, what u guy did was totally beyond what I expected. Best gift ever from you friends. Nothing can top that this year. Safe journey back to Kl the white neo cps! All eyes on ya.

Muahhh muahhh comolot sayang koranggg Fieza and Illi. There are no other friends like them who we fight jerit pekik everytime we met, kutuk depan depan but at the same we love n care for each other. It is just the way we share our friendship, honesty n loyalty and and membahan each other.

Credit to sara and Iylia too for helping them out figure it out how to surprise me. I love my other friends too, jgn forget my birthday sudeyh I know la final kan. teehe.

Okie till here then, gotta post it quick as im having my paper on 2.30pm. chow n wish me luck!

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