Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rock My World

After I spend a long time reading my previous blog posts, ( see ella so syok sendiri reading her own blog!), I have just realized one thing. Oh my friggin goat (omfg!) ive been talking again and again and again about my hectic life of tests and assignments and projects and so on. I’m sorry I’ve been too busy coping up with studies till I didn’t noticed that I had actually annoyed the ears of listening and the eyes of reading my blog. Sorryyyyyy, I know it is not necessary to apologize here. However, face the fact miss ella everyone is busy too. So, sorry again guys.

So, now I shall better switch topic.

Just to tell ya about how life works to me. I am pretty happy with where I am now. I’m not complaining with all the flaws in my life, God knows what the best is for me. I know sometimes thing just don’t work out as u expected, but thing just happened for a reason, god knows. So friends, if you are not meant to be with who-who or what-what, just let it be. It is the opportunity to see the world and people and experience. Seriously, the place n situation where I stand now is what I achieved so far. Let all people say what they want or let all people have that kind of life, for me I’m happy.
I am so happy like a kid looking at the rainbow for the first time, heeeee.

So now I shall do what I want (in the 5 years time).
1.) Go Europe backpacking trip. TICK
2.) Go dance and shake ur booty botty in the heavy rain.
3.) Approach a random hot guy at the mall and never plan to see him again. (social suicide kot)
4.) Bungee jumping, I always want to do this but I dun think Mummy allowed to do so.
5.) Pegi Bali, again. I like!
6.) Conduct my own photo shoot and actually learnt how to use slr camera.
7.) Hold a snake.
8.) Graduating from utp and throwing the graduation hat with my peeps.
9.) Roadtrip with frens to Malacca. TICK
10.) Nak tgk Zee Avi perform live.

11.) Be the coolest keyboardist ever,

Good luck to all Techies for the final exam next week.
All the best sayangness, only for the techies. Budak engineering x mo wish haha. =P


Fatul Akrul Ramli said...


asna cute said...

you love travel? me too! ;)

Berani sikt2 nak anta komen nie. klu rasa xsuke bley delete ek =)


fieza. said...

triple tick kt zee avi tuh bleyh? ak pon da sangap nk dgr minah tuh live. idong da samer dah ngan ak. muahhahahhaa.

kyrie said...

hold snakes-TICK!hahaha,btw, yeah, bdk UTP,tlg cr! hahah, tak2!