Saturday, November 21, 2009

Black Is Beautiful

The pic was taken a long time ago, few years back I think.
I want my old silky black hair back. Well credit to your own self missy ella for actually sabotage your hair with the coloured chemical, relaxer, straightener, ntah pape lagi ko buat bler pegi salon.
Pretty much tangled up which colour should I choose next.
Cut Above here I comeeeee.
Our hairstylist George Khoo better come up with sumthing to get rid of my super dry hair with thousands of split ends.
Gosh so unhealthy hair!
*Ignore the vain-ness of the picture, pic lama kot. ella pun nyampah tgk pic tu"


lynntermizi said...

the black hair is nice! suro hairstylist buat black balik la. nice. :)

Anonymous said...

mewarnakan rambut warna hitam hukumnya HARAM.

ella elma said...

haha anonymous, tahu la HARAM.
i didnt said anything bout colourin it back.
btw, thanks for the concerned.