Sunday, December 13, 2009

HAHAHAHA sometimes technology sucks till it become the stupidiest joke!

omg omg i think this one was the most embrassing moment ever in my life, nothing can top off this my 20 years of life. malu glerrr hahahahahahahahaha but at da same time i think this one was so funny. I laughed my ass of with my friends! It cant be acceptable but it was actually happened. out of one million people in this world, it is so rare to happen. lawak weyhhhhhh my friend even said I should make plastic surgery so that particular people doesnt recognize me. haha but when I found it was so funny, it is so easy to feel more better!

*tutup muka malu tp kelakar gler, it cranked me up!* =p

i think what happened today was so funny and embarassing than this picture! *pic ni lawak la siot*


Anonymous said... gambo ko kat london ke? upload laa lagi kat dlm blog ni babe...

ella elma said...

hehe bole bole. sape niee cik anonymous?