Monday, December 14, 2009

Friends, the super one!

happy 20th birthdayyy fieza! hope this 20 years of life, having us as ur super bff is not such thing as regret. I love youuu sayangness. Keep making us annoyed each time we met eventhough u can actually making me burst into tears and slapping u straight away for ur annoying bantal busuk and kentut depan muka. yikess! but since ur my friends which included in thesuper one, i dun mind whatever u did, it was funny n hilarious!
Thanks too for a wonderful trip to Malacca. Jonker Street was my first time, i dun mind to go again thereee. oh damn you elephant at afamosa theme park! You almost got us killed by walking straight to our car.

Friends till the end love, nanti kenduri kawen kau which is around 5 years ahead, kteorgg jd bridegroom koooo haha. Brotherhood for life, lotsa love!