Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hallmark Channel 702

Now, I’m a big fan of Hallmark channel and a box ox Godiva Chocolatier, every single day. Sitting at the corner of L size sofas with my domo-kun pillow on my arms, swallow one by one tasteful of chocolates. Heck I sound like one lazy ass woman. Oh helloo it is my pretty fine holiday? I got to do what I got to do. =p

How life can be so wonderful at the moment. I’m enjoying my official hibernating week. I’ve been eating chocolate that my sis and I bought at the Heathrow airport few weeks ago. Well my family is not really a fan of chocolates; I’m the only one who is different. So who is going to finished all the Rm400 we spend only on chocolates at the Heathrow airport? Me. Note that, only me. However a bit worried then. Pimples are going to happily celebrated if I’m eating chocolate too much then. Go to heck! Its hols, chocolates make u happy as what best friend does!

The biggest loser Asia is my favourite now! I’m on the blue team as the trainer is deliciously hot babeyh! He looks yummyyy hahahaha kiddin. It is motivated to see how they determined to lose weight as sometimes I also got emotionally influenced too. Emosi je kan?

I just watched A Grandpa For Christmas at Hallmark channel. A story about a strong love and kindness towards his granddaughter until he step aside his own happiness. It is one great heart warming movie. Tears almost come out, well almost. All if sudden, it makes me missing Tok Wan at Ipoh. When I was small, he was the one who cares enough to play with us and bring us to the nice place for kids to play. You would drive all the way from kampung to our hometown with your Ford car. It doesn’t bother you to drive a long journey just for the sake of to visit us when we were sick, a single flu would make you worried. How strict you were about getting our bath early and stricken us to get a day nap so that we would disturbing adults and made noise. How i miss you took us from school when you we were around in KL and my friends would said "Rock gler tok wan kau bumper pown maen langgar je hehe".
I hope you were as healthy as before. Nevertheless, you still have those laughter that makes us feel warm and we even called it as tok wan trademark. You are one super awesome Tok Wan yang rock!

Sometimes when I think back Life is more than what you think. Of not having what other people have doesn’t mean your life is worthless You got to think back what u have, not of what you don’t have.
Hallmark channel has changed me to one emotional thinking woman! HAHAHAHAHA.
Change to MTV la! Like my mom said channel xde hala tuju. Yikes!

Okiela Im off to continue watching Hallmark. Btw, can’t wait for a shopping spree at Spore! Too bad when we were in London, we don’t have time and money to go for a shopping. Topshop, Dorothy Perkin and Aldo there can made u go wawaweeee crazy! Should know earlier one week is never enough for a vacation. Now, my mom asking me everyday and I started to get annoyed. "Are u going to San Fransisco visiting your brother or not?" Of course I want but pretty damn I dont have any holiday left for me. My mom insisted me to accompany her on February, well I just cant unless I skipped one or two weeks of classes, Ko giler apa ella?! Ingat Darjah 1 ke hehehe.

Till then, love you and you and hmm you too and YOU!

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