Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bibik on shopping spree!

Today, my sis and I brought along bibik for a shopping spree. weeee it was so girls day out. hahaaaa it's time to partayyy with bibik? Cool la bibik sempoi just wearing selipar jamban match with a fendi handbag teehe. My super awesome bibik will be going back to Indonesia in the next 3 weeks. So we brought her to Mydin Subang so she can buy shop till you drop babeyh( come on mydin wholesales can effect ur insanity in shopping). Mummy was not around in KL so it was an order by her to bring bibik along. We agreed without hesitation since we had nothing to do left except hibernating.

However it was not that fine journey then. Can you imagined a father with his wife and two kids in the car can be very rude and have no manners at all in driving? In fact we are just two young teenager girls (with bibik at the back hehe) but you have no hearted at all towards us? We were in the opposite direction looking for a parking, the rude pakcik was in the other direction and the path was quite narrow but still two cars can passed by each other, lorry pun bole kot. the stupid part is he would not let me passed by, he give me high beam, just drove towards us asking us to reverse. Okie im gave white flag, im on my effort to reverse my car but bullshit he wont wait! BABI! Freakin shit are you going to hit my car? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr tensi tensi. Uncivilized people in 20th century like emma said.

well.... ignore the stupid unscrupulous pakcik
Avatar: best movie of the year. It was a must watch movie. If u dont see it yet. go grab ur tix. it was so worth-watching, big credits to James Cameron.

Now watching Fulham vs ManU. 3-0? yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yiheee! (evil grin)

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adik manissss said...

its 'uncivilized ppl living in the 21st century' laaa.hehe