Sunday, November 28, 2010

November plz stay longer?

Heylo dear peeps. November is gonna end soon in few days more and I just wish November can stay more longer? It's been a great month for me. Ive finally done my client engagement in Menara TM and started my 1 week engagement in Menara Maxis which just besides the KLCC. hoyeahhh hoyeahhhh klcc babeyhhhh!

oh yeah thanks for all da wishes for my 21st birthday! Dang im 21? Not too young but not too old too. It can be consider as 'Im not a girl not yet a woman' as in Britney's song la nieee ecewahhhhh. The celebration this year was simple and nice. However to be celebrated with the closest people made it a perfect birthday celebration.

1. Birthday celebration at home and family dinner at Johnnys.
2.Lunch treat and macarons from the PwC seniors.
3. Dinner ar Chilis with the lovely baboons.
4. Birthday lunch with bestie.

November is awesomeee!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

To dearest sister.

Dont go UK, =(

xmo weyh xmooo.

5 reasons I dun want to go back to utp.
  • Fyp
  • The sticky eekyy sweating
  • 9 months straight with only 1 week break dang!
  • Away from family
  • The laziness to go out to eat

5 reasons I want to go back t utp.

  • lepas rindu with roomate dulu and also having new roomate too!
  • Being the final year student which allowed us to do anything whatever we want. bole pegi kelas jalan dgn muka selamba sambil tgk kt dieorg "ek eleeee junior". =P
  • Download all the latest series and movies.
  • So bole abis settle everyhing as fast on Sept and chowww so long bye bye utp.

however to be frankly honest here, cons of goin back utp is definetly outweight the pros.
Xmo weyhh balik utp but this is what we called challenges accepted! so bak mai la utp, if i can stand 3 years in the land of tronoh, 9 more months wont do any harm to me kan?
Belasah bedal je sumer in 9 months to till end up Im the one who crying out loud dun want to leave utp.

as my sister said " weyh 2 more months you will be saying bye bye lala land."
serious dgr nak nangessss huarghhhhh. Yela now im definetly in my comfot zone. Ye la i dont need to think of tests, assignment, fyp. even the worst of working in audit with the tight deadlines and working till late hours but when you came back to home seing the familiar faces of homies, all dushh the stress gone away. I dun need to think of what food to eat, where to go on weekends, no need to send my laundries and few people I happy not to see. And all these i will be start thinking when i back to utp.

However, being able to hang out lepak lepak at my friends' room wathing horror movies, gossip with the girls, usha-ing the goodlooking junior(well no choice what kan? yg tinggal pown 1 sem head of seniors ala boringg), tgk sunrise pagi pagi pastu gi bfast on sunday, jusco and ipoh parade.

There will always be rainbow after the rains right?
UTP, i will be seeing you soon. =D

Im goin cwaaaaaazee.

thinks I'm quiet

My friends
think I'm friendly

My bestfriends and homies
know Im complely insanee!

*yo wassup man? foshizlee nizlee*

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Productive hoyeahhh!

Hoyeahhh hoyeahhh *moonwalk dance* today I’m being productive at work.

I’m proud of myself, pat at the back missy.
I’m mc on Monday so at first I thought Im going have a terrible day on the next day due to loads of work need to be done.
However, I managed to do it with whole-heartedly and with a happy face!

So the tips to be motivated? Take mc on Monday then you will be all geared up for the whole weekend. =D
Few things that keep me productive!

My tomel bottle.
My coach small purse, ready for lunch and snacks to buy.
Card Pelawat Telekom. Pelawat keeee?, dah 2 bulan berkampung kt telekom nie.
My vasco device, to keep me connected to office email.
Beg plastik dalam tu ada 3 donut besauuuuuu. (one for me and other two I bought for my seniors)

My senior gave opportuinity to me for handling the meeting with clients last week. This time around Im not just an intern who attend meeting without knowing whatever been discussed. I was the one who drove the meeting all the way because I was the only person who handles Technical Security Review for almost 40 server in all systems. I also been given credits by my seniors. =D
Then the client asked “Which one of you is the Unix expert?” *Gulp*.
Thank god the other senior covered up for me.
Last week I have the best kari kepala ikan bawah pokok at lucky garden. Ala just infront of the bangsar village. Like my senior said lucky garden is more old skool place to lepak so only the otai lepak there haha! Despite "cleanliness is not priority" kind of gerai, but serious kaw kaw sedap wa ckp sama luuuuu. I think the place dun even haf the name. "kedai yg mana?". "kari kepala ikan bawah pokok tuu".

Lawa x langit above? Keluar rumah gelap balik rumah pown gelap.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Seeing right through me.

It's amazing how at one point in our lives we will be extremely close with someone and then later they will became a completely stranger. You will pass them without a word. Without a single aknowledging look.  This person, who once knew you very well, who once knew you fears, your desires, your dreams, your pasts, is now walking right past you, seeing right through you.

In relationship with the people I love-lah

Can I just quit my internship now? Im tired la and so malas to do my work. Because if u r an intern in audit firm, you really do work. I just want to cuti-cuti laaah in the end of my internship. Can you please stop giving work and just let me learnt and observe whatever u guys did. Heheheee mmg conpirm la bad review from pwc camnie ella oiiiiiii =P

These was last Thursday, after work I weeeeeeeeeeeeeee chow to The Curve and have the sweet escape with the girlfriends eh silapp boyfriends! If I were around them kedebushhh I turned into a 6-years old girl who just wanna have fun hoyeahhh hoyeahhh. I know sometimes we were driftin apart due to the location and yeahh im the only single in the group but nehhh what the heck I'm loving it if you have few people who love you back. Doesnt mean im saying Im not looking for the prince charming tau, I do just the right one do not fall from the sky yet ngeee.