Sunday, May 24, 2009

End of part 1.

Making my blog private is a good solution.

I've written anecdotes in my own realm.
This blog is the real deal, ive been so honest in my writing.
It is my blog, my own property which has been trespassed.

Since i've been writing in my blog for a while now, many people been hurted.
Sorry i didnt meant too.

Don't worry after this, you wont be hurt anymore of what i have wrote.
I will stop blogging.

Thanks for nothing.
Bye bye.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Finally, you are no more to us.

different people. different way of love.
it takes 7 years or hundred of years to fall in love, but it only takes 2 years or a second to forget your true love and everything.
Or it could be the other way around, then it is a good thing.
However as I stated above. different people, different way of love.
Who am I to judge since Im not the one who lost forever the person I fall in love with.
Now it makes me realized our love will remains forever and eternity and it will never be perished is the love for Allah n family.
Yes, i am so disspointed of you,
but now you can carry on with your new life and new "person" without having us anymore since we do not have any relationship left between us. All we care is a girl who carries his smile that give definition of meaningful life ahead. I wish you all the best and you will be showered with happiness. So now i shall erase your name from my life.
Brother, you are always in my pray and i shall not be sad of what had just happened today when my mum called me to tell everything. you wont be happy looking me down here, crying because of not having you around with the family. I must not cry and be strong for the sake of him, abg pis.
I love you for eternity and no one can replace you as my inspiration to stay strong and to keep and guide me
for searching the meaning of life.

Friday, May 22, 2009

abg eddy my konon-macho brother.

yeah yeah abg eddy dah balik!!!!

can't wait to meet you after 4 months dude.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy in my own term.

Happy twenTEEN birthday Mae!
dont worry u might feel a year older and there is no more goin to be "teen" anymore at ur age, but u still remain as young as you can be to us.

this semester is about to end, well for everyone else it is already ended. however, we still have two more papers to go next week while others are already packing their stuff and i bet they were already at home chillin out after a stressfull of final exam week. dun worry ella it's okie you have to be strong. All you have to keep in mind is you have a lot of advantages to stay few more days at utp, so you have more time to study for the 2 upcoming papers.

dah la roomate dah balik and apek pun balik japp. pretty left alone here at v3D. alaa i will survive! ( teringat lak kat n zakuan, streopop nyanyi lagu nie time eupho) i will stick to dat song for this few days!

since everyone is going to say the same thing in their blog "im gonna miss this semester". Consequently, im gonna skip dat part. so in conclusion, this sem is pretty rocks everyone socks!
cayala january 09. As for me, im just chill about this semester cz there will be more more upcoming whole lots of exciting semesters ahead, so hello next semester!

definetly my dramates n makan-gelak-sedawa kuat-gosip-mates with them! thanks sara n jufri for the super-hillarious and i bet the most embarassing moment. (ella x ingat nama restaurant tu) thanks for all the late-night hardworks so we actually made it on stage and perform about what guys? Sperm and ovum. Yes the actors are the sperms while the actress are the ovums, then we acted on stage about how and when all that stuff connect together to born a baby. haha i dun think people are pretty much understand what we did, tapi sumpah kelakar!
credits to Ain too coz she made it to stay awake eventho she was so so sleepy everytime she came for the drama n theatre class.

Kat, thanks for rajin accompanied me to send our clothes to laundry at Taman Maju. Owh yeah i was the first to inroduced Pasar Malam on monday at Bdr University kan? kat terharuuu coz for all dis 2 years, she didnt know at all that the pasar malam is actually existed. hehe. Thanks for bringing me to Stereopop band too. If not i will not be exprienced jamming with the awesome musicians.

Apek, Akkay, Spawn, Reza and Zakuan. Thanks for great session jamming, Stereopop.

My coursemates, Business Information System and Techies, roomate,

the four-of us BIS girls and de-Chis.

And for others, thanks for making my jan 09 pretty much wonderful and thanks for being a part of my life, no matter how small or how big it is.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sunday Morning.

My sister Emma texted me last night.
Hafiz the curly hair-yet-cute with a big talent is the champion of Akademi Fantasia season 7.
He is my favourite one eventhough there were couple of times only I watched AF for this season.
Nothing much to blog on the Sunday's morning, i havent taken my bfast yet.
I think I will go straight to lunch and then send my clothes to laundry at Taman Maju.
I just can't get you guys out of my head, missing terribly. i'm in love with them.

Friday, May 15, 2009

i'm the bones, not the beef.

i lost 2 kg, i think!
i should eat more.
stop drink teh-o ais limau and apple juice,
my friends said it is only for people who on diet, ye ke? now i know.
Nooo i dont want to get any skinnier cz i am already a skinny girl with 5 feet 7 tall.
Consequently, i dun look normal if i lost more weight.
Everyone has the issue with their weight but most of them scared of getting fat.
In my case, i dont want to drop even a single 1 kg in my weight but at the same time i dont wnat to get a big fat ass and lemak sana-sini too. my biggest fear, the most!
However, they still un-awesome people outhere kept complaining how skinny i am.
biar laaa, suck it up fat-ass!

yuckks, my blog looks very ugly. The blog should need been decorated with more pink and white colours instead of green-ish yucky mood. I need to upload more pictas too! Okie when my final exam is done, u will see the brand new blog. the cooler and more awesome version one.

Something to blog about.

dear people,

i guess now i used to blog more often than before due to lack of things to do instead of sitting on the chair for how many hours till my back hurts while facing my laptop yg dah nazak reading the lectures slides. well there goes by the name final exam pun kan. However lately i've been complaining a lot about my laptop. Not to say dat my laptop is useless and need to be thrown away to the dustbin as soon as possible. It is just whenever i am in the mood of reading the lecture slides or chatting ym with my dearest b , then the screen would hang or appeared white plain screen. dangg, it sucks big time man! geram tauuu. then i have to off my laptop then switch it on again. it occured more than twice a day, imagined dat? Well the problem is just not happened to me, i have the same problem with the girl opposite my room(dayah the zawn) which we have da same laptop i mean the exactly one, acer.

oh chop chop chop well my brand of laptop used to be acer, now it left only a er. Becauce the letter C had lost or tercabut or org bunian stole it. i dunno how on earth the letter C was missing so now it stated at my laptop, A ER. terhebat kan? then, my brother would laugh his ass off by saying i should replace with the letter Y, so it spells AYER? Then, he sang the song ayer by the souldja boy. ayer.....ayer........shit man ko kutuk laptop aku, padahal ko yg tlg beli laptop ni kt low yat. padahal, I was asking for the better one and more expensive laptop since i can claim the price to my petronas scholarship.

dun get the wrong idea, i love my laptop but puh-lease i am askin for a brand new one for the next semester, since my friend sara, eli and the lastest one mae, they all get the brand new laptop because the previous one had broke. well mine is still functioning well but i do need a new one. and the same time. i want a new handphone too. wow tamaknyer ko!

My mum called me last night and
she asked "Apa nak jadi kat Perak nie?"
i said" kenapa? i might be living in tronoh Perak, mummy. But i dun know anything".
i just heard through my mom that High Court declares Nizar as Perak Menteri Besar. okie now i'm confused. Well just leave all the bullshit propaganda to the politician which till now i dun pretty much understand about them. i just dont really like politician but i do update about them.

lately, my mood is swing. Added it up with my tiny-itsy-bitsy dissapointment due to my principles of finance paper. Some people dont take my self seriously, they used to think i will be doing just fine but i am not. He think i am not serious about relationship but well I am. They think i will be alright if they tend to always said no to you. She think I will be doing okie if she lied straight to my face while I know the truth. They think I am always fine if i dont say aything about what happened here. I'm good at acting but not in the drama,. Im the girl who knows how to hide the sadness and play cool while Im pretty messed up inside.
It is healthy to be sad.
i am sorry if youre hurt by me and my behaviors are hard to be understood but i'd really appreciate it if you take the effort to learn more about me and to, of course, understand me better because it is sad when you just throw out your assumptions about who i am and what i am. I am sorry if im contradicting what ive been saying.
haihh emo pulak kan. xpe xpe i'm doing alrite.
If i am not okie, i know my mum, my sister emma, my friends and my dearest b will be there for me. hope so, desperately hope so.
ella xo, love ya!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dan Sebenarnya.

i know i am not suppose to blog rite now since i am in my final exam week. I even have my hse paper tomorrow morning, dangg! it is so boring to read hundreds of slides about such as how to prevent you from fall? we are even learned what types of fall and slips that we need to know. okie for all the boredom and nonsence things i have to read and memerize, blame HSE subject. It stands for health, safety and environment. it is 2 credit hours subject and i managed to get pretty good coursemarks for it. Therefore, i really really need to nail this subject in order to get A. puh-leasee i need an A this time around.

So, in da middle of reading hse, all of sudden, oh I NEED TO BLOG! rinduu pulakk. Right now i am listening to Dan Sebenarnya by Yuna. She has pretty amazing voice and huge talent too. Good to know there are still young malaysian female musician outhere who is talented, not just born with a good voice but a talent to play guitar, piano and write her own music. it is so common now as well as boringggggggg to see another goody-goody female singer who just can sing only that been produced by the reality show. we have enuff of siti-nurhaliza copy-cat. Yuna is a real musician and artist.

oh the cough is killing me. batuk oh batuk can u please go away? i'm sitting for my final exam and i dun think i will be needing you. i just recover from a very high fever last week on my STUDYWEEK. okie to remind you guys again, bad fever on the STUDYWEEK. teruk kan? i had my two unmeaningful days on my study week since i cannot read up anything on those days. i even cannot get up from my bed due to the very bad fever. Alhamdullilah, im doin alright now. batuk batuk je laaaa.

next week, i will encounter my biggest fear and weaknesses, object-oriented programming paper on tuesday. my coursemarks is not doing so good, so i will give all the best extra beyond the effort to nail my final paper. well i have to, there is no other options i guess. so kene keje kuat ye cik ella?

i miss eating good food la. i miss eating a real proper dinner on the table with people you love. tapau is the next-big-thing on the final exam week. it such a difficult thing to move your big-fat-lazy ass to go down and buy food for your dinner since leaving the studytable is a big deal. haihhh utp can u please create a delivery-dinner system? ala macam room service la.

there is still almost 2 weeks to go, haihhh there is still a long way to go. 4 more papers. hundreds of lecture slides to cover. i miss my abah, mamy, emma, aman and kak nad. abg eddy is coming back from jakarta too next week. plz plz can u all guys turun ipoh to jenguk ella at utp? i have 5 days of gap for the paper, i dun want to be stuck alone here at utp. it was so so so boring and the HOT weather i should stressed here. Oh final exam i cant wait to get it done. xpee soon soon. study kaw kaw kaw duluuuu.

after final, there are so many things to do which i cant wait. i want to run away from Malaysia, bye byeee kuala lumpur for a while!
i will be visiting my brother at Jakarta, stay there for a while and seeing the hot guys there! haha ala laki kat msia lagi hot hot heat, ouchh hehe.Then, buying a bundle of pretty clothes at Bandung is a good therapy after final. The price is cheap too at the factory outlet. oh yeah one more thing, i will be going to a dancing class with my sister, wawaweeeeeeeeeee!

okie i need to end this now, since the hse subject has already been calling me from the moment i started this post. bye bye loveeee.