Saturday, May 23, 2009

Finally, you are no more to us.

different people. different way of love.
it takes 7 years or hundred of years to fall in love, but it only takes 2 years or a second to forget your true love and everything.
Or it could be the other way around, then it is a good thing.
However as I stated above. different people, different way of love.
Who am I to judge since Im not the one who lost forever the person I fall in love with.
Now it makes me realized our love will remains forever and eternity and it will never be perished is the love for Allah n family.
Yes, i am so disspointed of you,
but now you can carry on with your new life and new "person" without having us anymore since we do not have any relationship left between us. All we care is a girl who carries his smile that give definition of meaningful life ahead. I wish you all the best and you will be showered with happiness. So now i shall erase your name from my life.
Brother, you are always in my pray and i shall not be sad of what had just happened today when my mum called me to tell everything. you wont be happy looking me down here, crying because of not having you around with the family. I must not cry and be strong for the sake of him, abg pis.
I love you for eternity and no one can replace you as my inspiration to stay strong and to keep and guide me
for searching the meaning of life.


Adeera Azman said...

Dear Ella,

Look through, just look it through. You'll find answers within angles.

Love, Adeera XOXO

babelicious said...

different people, different way of love, yes. but that does not mean that she is not entitle for her own happiness.
who are we to decide, or even to assume that she has erase him from his mind?
who are we to think that rafiz will be sad?
who are we to decide, that the little girl would not be ours..coz for all we know, she may get a better love from the new "person"
we shall never forget, that God has he's own way to decide on our fate and destiny.

ella elma said...

to babelicious,
im not goin to argue with everything u said here cz i know u have ur own statement point of view. im matured enuff to handle things, so let it be whatever u said.

so let me have my own feeling statement and i respect yours too.
btw, thank you so much for the words.

Vio-Lence said...

life is full of suprise eyh. at least all you can do is praise to god for what happen' and do remember the precious moment with your late brother.

btw, im sry for your lost. take care.

Anonymous said...

i agree with babelicious..u are right, who are we to decide everything..i knew she very well eventhough i'm not her bestfren. and i'm really happy to hear that she now has her own happiness..and i'm sure arwah ali also will happy to hear too..
Yes, God has He's own way to determine her fate and destiny. and i'm here always pray for her and for their little sweet girl..Amin

Anonymous said...

ella, is this about ur sis in law? i was surprised to find that she found a new person already? sigh...thinkin of how 'precious' was your late brother to her? it was totally unexpected especially from her!!!