Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dan Sebenarnya.

i know i am not suppose to blog rite now since i am in my final exam week. I even have my hse paper tomorrow morning, dangg! it is so boring to read hundreds of slides about such as how to prevent you from fall? we are even learned what types of fall and slips that we need to know. okie for all the boredom and nonsence things i have to read and memerize, blame HSE subject. It stands for health, safety and environment. it is 2 credit hours subject and i managed to get pretty good coursemarks for it. Therefore, i really really need to nail this subject in order to get A. puh-leasee i need an A this time around.

So, in da middle of reading hse, all of sudden, oh I NEED TO BLOG! rinduu pulakk. Right now i am listening to Dan Sebenarnya by Yuna. She has pretty amazing voice and huge talent too. Good to know there are still young malaysian female musician outhere who is talented, not just born with a good voice but a talent to play guitar, piano and write her own music. it is so common now as well as boringggggggg to see another goody-goody female singer who just can sing only that been produced by the reality show. we have enuff of siti-nurhaliza copy-cat. Yuna is a real musician and artist.

oh the cough is killing me. batuk oh batuk can u please go away? i'm sitting for my final exam and i dun think i will be needing you. i just recover from a very high fever last week on my STUDYWEEK. okie to remind you guys again, bad fever on the STUDYWEEK. teruk kan? i had my two unmeaningful days on my study week since i cannot read up anything on those days. i even cannot get up from my bed due to the very bad fever. Alhamdullilah, im doin alright now. batuk batuk je laaaa.

next week, i will encounter my biggest fear and weaknesses, object-oriented programming paper on tuesday. my coursemarks is not doing so good, so i will give all the best extra beyond the effort to nail my final paper. well i have to, there is no other options i guess. so kene keje kuat ye cik ella?

i miss eating good food la. i miss eating a real proper dinner on the table with people you love. tapau is the next-big-thing on the final exam week. it such a difficult thing to move your big-fat-lazy ass to go down and buy food for your dinner since leaving the studytable is a big deal. haihhh utp can u please create a delivery-dinner system? ala macam room service la.

there is still almost 2 weeks to go, haihhh there is still a long way to go. 4 more papers. hundreds of lecture slides to cover. i miss my abah, mamy, emma, aman and kak nad. abg eddy is coming back from jakarta too next week. plz plz can u all guys turun ipoh to jenguk ella at utp? i have 5 days of gap for the paper, i dun want to be stuck alone here at utp. it was so so so boring and the HOT weather i should stressed here. Oh final exam i cant wait to get it done. xpee soon soon. study kaw kaw kaw duluuuu.

after final, there are so many things to do which i cant wait. i want to run away from Malaysia, bye byeee kuala lumpur for a while!
i will be visiting my brother at Jakarta, stay there for a while and seeing the hot guys there! haha ala laki kat msia lagi hot hot heat, ouchh hehe.Then, buying a bundle of pretty clothes at Bandung is a good therapy after final. The price is cheap too at the factory outlet. oh yeah one more thing, i will be going to a dancing class with my sister, wawaweeeeeeeeeee!

okie i need to end this now, since the hse subject has already been calling me from the moment i started this post. bye bye loveeee.

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