Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy in my own term.

Happy twenTEEN birthday Mae!
dont worry u might feel a year older and there is no more goin to be "teen" anymore at ur age, but u still remain as young as you can be to us.

this semester is about to end, well for everyone else it is already ended. however, we still have two more papers to go next week while others are already packing their stuff and i bet they were already at home chillin out after a stressfull of final exam week. dun worry ella it's okie you have to be strong. All you have to keep in mind is you have a lot of advantages to stay few more days at utp, so you have more time to study for the 2 upcoming papers.

dah la roomate dah balik and apek pun balik japp. pretty left alone here at v3D. alaa i will survive! ( teringat lak kat n zakuan, streopop nyanyi lagu nie time eupho) i will stick to dat song for this few days!

since everyone is going to say the same thing in their blog "im gonna miss this semester". Consequently, im gonna skip dat part. so in conclusion, this sem is pretty rocks everyone socks!
cayala january 09. As for me, im just chill about this semester cz there will be more more upcoming whole lots of exciting semesters ahead, so hello next semester!

definetly my dramates n makan-gelak-sedawa kuat-gosip-mates with them! thanks sara n jufri for the super-hillarious and i bet the most embarassing moment. (ella x ingat nama restaurant tu) thanks for all the late-night hardworks so we actually made it on stage and perform about what guys? Sperm and ovum. Yes the actors are the sperms while the actress are the ovums, then we acted on stage about how and when all that stuff connect together to born a baby. haha i dun think people are pretty much understand what we did, tapi sumpah kelakar!
credits to Ain too coz she made it to stay awake eventho she was so so sleepy everytime she came for the drama n theatre class.

Kat, thanks for rajin accompanied me to send our clothes to laundry at Taman Maju. Owh yeah i was the first to inroduced Pasar Malam on monday at Bdr University kan? kat terharuuu coz for all dis 2 years, she didnt know at all that the pasar malam is actually existed. hehe. Thanks for bringing me to Stereopop band too. If not i will not be exprienced jamming with the awesome musicians.

Apek, Akkay, Spawn, Reza and Zakuan. Thanks for great session jamming, Stereopop.

My coursemates, Business Information System and Techies, roomate,

the four-of us BIS girls and de-Chis.

And for others, thanks for making my jan 09 pretty much wonderful and thanks for being a part of my life, no matter how small or how big it is.

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