Friday, May 15, 2009

Something to blog about.

dear people,

i guess now i used to blog more often than before due to lack of things to do instead of sitting on the chair for how many hours till my back hurts while facing my laptop yg dah nazak reading the lectures slides. well there goes by the name final exam pun kan. However lately i've been complaining a lot about my laptop. Not to say dat my laptop is useless and need to be thrown away to the dustbin as soon as possible. It is just whenever i am in the mood of reading the lecture slides or chatting ym with my dearest b , then the screen would hang or appeared white plain screen. dangg, it sucks big time man! geram tauuu. then i have to off my laptop then switch it on again. it occured more than twice a day, imagined dat? Well the problem is just not happened to me, i have the same problem with the girl opposite my room(dayah the zawn) which we have da same laptop i mean the exactly one, acer.

oh chop chop chop well my brand of laptop used to be acer, now it left only a er. Becauce the letter C had lost or tercabut or org bunian stole it. i dunno how on earth the letter C was missing so now it stated at my laptop, A ER. terhebat kan? then, my brother would laugh his ass off by saying i should replace with the letter Y, so it spells AYER? Then, he sang the song ayer by the souldja boy. ayer.....ayer........shit man ko kutuk laptop aku, padahal ko yg tlg beli laptop ni kt low yat. padahal, I was asking for the better one and more expensive laptop since i can claim the price to my petronas scholarship.

dun get the wrong idea, i love my laptop but puh-lease i am askin for a brand new one for the next semester, since my friend sara, eli and the lastest one mae, they all get the brand new laptop because the previous one had broke. well mine is still functioning well but i do need a new one. and the same time. i want a new handphone too. wow tamaknyer ko!

My mum called me last night and
she asked "Apa nak jadi kat Perak nie?"
i said" kenapa? i might be living in tronoh Perak, mummy. But i dun know anything".
i just heard through my mom that High Court declares Nizar as Perak Menteri Besar. okie now i'm confused. Well just leave all the bullshit propaganda to the politician which till now i dun pretty much understand about them. i just dont really like politician but i do update about them.

lately, my mood is swing. Added it up with my tiny-itsy-bitsy dissapointment due to my principles of finance paper. Some people dont take my self seriously, they used to think i will be doing just fine but i am not. He think i am not serious about relationship but well I am. They think i will be alright if they tend to always said no to you. She think I will be doing okie if she lied straight to my face while I know the truth. They think I am always fine if i dont say aything about what happened here. I'm good at acting but not in the drama,. Im the girl who knows how to hide the sadness and play cool while Im pretty messed up inside.
It is healthy to be sad.
i am sorry if youre hurt by me and my behaviors are hard to be understood but i'd really appreciate it if you take the effort to learn more about me and to, of course, understand me better because it is sad when you just throw out your assumptions about who i am and what i am. I am sorry if im contradicting what ive been saying.
haihh emo pulak kan. xpe xpe i'm doing alrite.
If i am not okie, i know my mum, my sister emma, my friends and my dearest b will be there for me. hope so, desperately hope so.
ella xo, love ya!

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