Friday, May 15, 2009

i'm the bones, not the beef.

i lost 2 kg, i think!
i should eat more.
stop drink teh-o ais limau and apple juice,
my friends said it is only for people who on diet, ye ke? now i know.
Nooo i dont want to get any skinnier cz i am already a skinny girl with 5 feet 7 tall.
Consequently, i dun look normal if i lost more weight.
Everyone has the issue with their weight but most of them scared of getting fat.
In my case, i dont want to drop even a single 1 kg in my weight but at the same time i dont wnat to get a big fat ass and lemak sana-sini too. my biggest fear, the most!
However, they still un-awesome people outhere kept complaining how skinny i am.
biar laaa, suck it up fat-ass!

yuckks, my blog looks very ugly. The blog should need been decorated with more pink and white colours instead of green-ish yucky mood. I need to upload more pictas too! Okie when my final exam is done, u will see the brand new blog. the cooler and more awesome version one.

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-azwanbakhtiar- said...

tinggi kau 5'7"?
sama tinggi dgn aku.