Monday, November 16, 2009

Cant think of any title.

I guess some peple just think they are too good for ur own family blood.
People are just born with a big ego, we are not like dat.
Laen kali ella nk cakap aah ella mmg bodo x pandai.
Sorry saya bukan doctor, engineer and wtf pape la.


asna cute said...

Chill dear~

*xyah kisah la ape 'org' tue nk ckp. yg penting kita tahu pe yg kita buat~

saye yang tak brape nak pandai said...

The title of "JGN perasan hebat" suits your post perfectly.I've met that kind of person and bombarded me bluntly.well,apparently it didn't have an effect on me at life my choice!a lil advise ella,just excel in everything that u do and and dont brag yah ;)