Thursday, January 14, 2010

the happy scales

This is me chilling out with my sis.
I love that we never run of things to say to each other.
XX Ella.

My new current obssesion. L.A Candy A novel by Lauren Conrad is one must-read novel. It is so addictive, it makes me want to go on and on reading it chapter by chapter without bothered to stop eventhough the clocks already ticks 2am. I'd just bought it yesterday at Kinokuniya with my bestie, Sara and Jufri. I have already finished it half of the book today. It was quite impressive since Im not a big fan of novel, I just read a novel when I was really really bored so it explains perfectly why. Before this, I am more of magazine type fo girl. I am a reading a storybook now. Yes I have become such a nerd and boring girl. I dont go dating, clubbing, late night mamak anymore and what the heck I am book whore now? haha. Furthermore, I am a big fan of Lauren Conrad. =)

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asna cute said...

sound goods.. nanti nk g carik jugak la =) hehe