Monday, January 11, 2010

No emoticon is right for this feeling.

All of sudden I think about my future. Whenever the result is coming out, I will start shivering and mind also starts to wonder will this result is going to shape my future? I think I have studied much but still it is so hard for me to cope with. I guess I still not giving my 100%. I don’t know whether the course I’m taking is the right for me. Hmm. I will be doing my internship soon and few years later I will be graduated. By the year of 22, I will be in the working phase. I think the 22 is too early for me to wear an office formal attire. I will or I MUST continue my studies until I am 25. Then, I will start working and by the age of 27, I will get married. Well, we are just human who are so good in planning but what happened is all decided by Allah. Still, I am scared now for my result. Cuak =(