Sunday, January 3, 2010

Im too obssesed with elmo.

elmo cupcakes. *yum yum*

elmo tshirt.

elmo elmo elmo!

Im too obssesed with elmo i think I just should go get marry with the sesame street character, haha danggg it's a NO! I dont want my children to lookalike elmo, gler scaryyyy.
Or I shall said Elmo is my middle name, Ella "Elmo" Elma. =)
Well, elmo is just so cute adorable creature grrrrr i want to bite.


Mizzie D'Licious said...

hey...that's pic of ur niece rite? how is she? u didnt update anything on her lately :(

ella elma said...

heyloo who ever you are hehe.
Yeah ive been not updating about her lately since I havent met her for more than 2 months I guess.
I miss her badly. =(

But did not blog about her doesnt meant I stop loving her, hehe.
I love that kiddo so much!

btw, thanks for the concerned yeah.