Monday, February 8, 2010

where? where?

arghhhhhhhh I do not know where to do my internship yet. and I think the time is running out.
It makes me headache to really consider all the opportunities the host company willl offer for as well as Im not sure what speacialization area Im looking for.  then lps tu nak oil n gas ke? nak audit firm ke? airlines company ke?
oh dangg i'm tangled up.
I should ask a help. Perhaps the senior? or my sis emma coulde lend a pretty good help too.


asna cute said...

Oil N gas.. more fun! choose petronas ;)

TPK said...

Just a tip here.

During internship, remember that you might be doing something new and not related to what you learn. As in, u're in BIS but doing IT support based or u're in ICT but doing SAP stuff.

Grab the whole knowledge for the next 8 months and be back with something new.

Good luck then ;)