Friday, February 26, 2010

Stop being silly girl.

I still remember I used to be a star wars freak. I'm a big fan of the movie untill I cried when the part Anakin Skywalker said
"One day I will be the most powerful jedi I'll ever be". Then there was the shoot he was riding a floating motorcycle just after he found out his mother get killed by the alien sumthing whatsoever I dun remember. Starting from that, he gradually became evil since he could not control his anger.
Dangg shit Im a Star Wars nerd la. Serious weyh. I still remember too after I watched the premiere of Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith then on the evening, my sister and I played badminton in the evening outside our house. Come on I was still form 3 kot time tu what else did you expect for the form 3 girl to do kan? xkan laa nak pegi kluar lepak kedai mamak lak hehe. In the middle of playing badminton, "weyhh aku sedih la x dpt terima anakin jd darth vader because Hayden Christensen is so damnnn hot, Im meltinnnnnnnnnnnnnn".

So, now the reason I freakin obssesed with Star Wars is beause the boyish hotness of the actor anakin it self = Hayden Christensen,
See I always fall for the boyish type of look untill I got all obssesed with the movie which most of the fans are nerd.
Serious x bole tahan seyhhh *&^%$# *gatal*%^%!! esp when the hotness part mix it with the sort of the bad side of him.
However frankly speaking I dont like the bad-boy type, only in the movie.
For in real life, michael cerra and adam brody is making my heart pounding very fast. Nerdyy is the new word for HOT.  

Star Wars the new version. Episode 3.5: Attack of the Losers

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