Monday, February 15, 2010

Spread the happiness in the air!

I always love the family time, where all the time left in a day had been spent together with your love ones. When we were all together in one car or in one table, I forgot all the troubles I had, all the things I did not have, all the things that made me sad.....they are all gone like a dust in the air.  My sis and I were always sat at the back of car and we were gossipin about guys and laughing over stupid things that doesnt made sense untill we annoyed every single one in the car especially the driver who is our brother, aman. We always complained our status never been upgraded to the front seat since we were always all the time sat at the back of the car. Our status is the same as bibik eton, dok blakang je kejeee. We also laughed over how abah can be very funny in a certain case and listen to mummy stories espcially time zaman2 muda. One thing about our family, we are just certaintly sarcastics about everything, dat is how we membahan and teasing each other. Sometimes the sarcatisc tu melebih lebih sampai menusuk jiwa kalbu, but then we laughed at each other and we did not care about being teased. That's just the way we are. If it happend to other people, I bet they burst into tears but for us, we are already imuned. hik hik.

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