Tuesday, December 16, 2008

topic of the day.

rehab by rihanna videoclip is so jaw-dropping hot!

it is beyond the hotness i should said. do you know what is the exactly reason? blame justin timberlake! because the super-fine justin timberlake is in the video as the co-star. i don't know what-the-heck-reason why he is in the video. it is either to make jesicca biel jealous or to show the world he is a lot hotter than the bf-chris brown, but all i know the video is incredibly hot hot heat.
now all of you know how obssesed i am with "cute-hot-used to be boyband crown-ex britney-talented singer" JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! maryy me please?

i just miss them being together like how i miss you. :(

a big size 10 shoe.

p.s: oh yeah before i forget one thing, oh rasa puas hati gumbira sangat sangat tengok president bush kene baling kasut. unfortunately, danggg kasut tu x kene muka dier laaa how i i wish to see a size 10 shoe hit his friggin pathetic face. did u guys see how he reacted? he looked like keannu reeves in the matrix movie at the slow-motion shot haha. it cranked me up!

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PakciQue said...

Kalau kau rasa kau mampu melempar kasut ke arah Bush dengan lebih baik. Apa kata kalau kau cuba permainan ini. Permainan yang diberi nama "Sock and Awe" ni dibangunkan berdasarkan insiden tersebut.

Cubalah kalau berani.