Sunday, October 26, 2008

happy ageing!

since this is my own blog and I can do whatever I want without asking people permission, I want to shout out kuat kuat jerik pekik melalak (if only people can listen thru blog, as if)

happy birthday to the person I love the most in my whole life since I was born, my wonderful mummy!

27th october 2008

You have been the strongest mother after all our family had been the ups and down of life, you always been the mother that we all hope for, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Even though I cannot afford to buy you all the expensive handbags you like, all I can give u for the gift is kasih saying yg tak terhinggaaa dan selalu balik rumah almost every weekend as u asked for to spend time only with you, your highness haha!
Instead of not getting handbags(abah dan bagi kan?) but the gift as I said above, see you will have the gift for the whole year and entire life without any limitation(it is like the credit card with no limit!) The best birthday present ever kan mummy tercinta?
Love you mum love you ibu love you mummy!


mrs camillo said...

rase cam nak balik rumah now...
n peluk mama bile bace post kamu...
alangkah bestnyer tinggal setanah...

hadio69 said...

ella, lme xdgr cte hehe~~
oh ske gmbr 2nd tu~
ttbe je hehe