Sunday, August 31, 2008

circle of friends, circle of life.

now i have just realized i did not mentioned at all about the coolest and funniest people around to hang out with. people i have known for almost five years and we have been through a lot as a friend. dari zaman bodo bodo yg suke pakai pink from head to toe then jalan 7 orang ramai-ramai kat foodcourt midval, zaman ponteng sekolah and kutuk setiap manusia yg lalu depan kteorg. we had a funny nickname almost for every single person at the school. pakcik canteen pun bole jadi bahan. the 4 of us are not among the favourite at the school where we always had a fight with other students and even the teachers said we are among the "wanted" one. ape ingat kteorg angelina jolie ke?

there is this one group of guy where we always had a fight with. kat tusyen je mesti kene ejek ngan dieorg macam-macam nama keluar. the funny thing is now they are our lepak-lepak friends. did you guys imagined how hatred our feelings towards them, we actually planned to use the "hari raya fireworks" to bom this particular guy's house at night. okie it is just a plan alrite?
however we were actually very determined to implement the plan but then we still have the good brain to re-think we were not the terrorist type?

the most interesting subject when we were in highschool was agama islam because the uztaz was so one of a kind as well as garang sngt sngt. He always gave this one particular fierce look exactly like the
tyra banks-fierce-look for the photoshoot.(okie merepek)
handphone besar mcm public phone and he carried the james bond briefcase around anywhere. there was one time, i tried to take out my retainer from my teeth at the class, my friends were laughing at me and then he assumed i was talking to my friends. he came straight to our table.
"tujuk tangan" he said then dier ambi pembaris teros ketok tangan ella.
ouchhhhhhhhhh sakit. nevertheless, i dont care about the pain, the public humilation was like the social-suicide!!!! malu glerrrrr kot dah la ada my cute-crush infront of me, blush blush. after dat, my friends were so pissed -off at the uztaz and they tried to explain what was actually happened. 7 people stood up for me terharuuuu sampai uztaz tu said soorry to me. haha.

they are the one who make me laugh untill my stomache hurts, and people at the maple will like"dieorg nie dtg dari mana? orang kampung mana nie dtg kl? haha. wey ala rindu korgggggg i want the "brotherhood" to stay together forever. imagined how crazy we are, we call each other with a guy's name. fieza said kter nie sebenarnyer lelaki for no particular reason kan?

sorry guys for not mentioned anything bout you guys at my blog untill fieza said
"tahula ada blog sampai nama kiteorg langsung tak adaa".

FIEZA the crazy wacky one, KYRIE the artistic hippy one AND ILLI the wild outgoing yet sweet one- THEY ARE MY PARTNERS IN CRIME.

So when is our next date?
foosball, karaoke, wayang "3D", sesat 7 daerah, maple, roadtrip yg x penah jadik, main layang-layang kat kepong, ice-skating, paling cikai pun lepak dlm kete kakak aku depan umah kyrie?
hahahahha i miss the stupid things we always do.

i love u all to bits!


eli.suhaili said... sweet you guys.
'guys' betul kan ? :P
friends do brighten up our day kan.
wah seronoknya ! :D

syafiq said...

wayang 3d??peh...i trasa sbnarnya...

illi fatin said...

omg omg.i miss the moment time jalan2 kat midval.sumer pakai bj kaler same jer.hahaha.and and our ustaz is our barney okayh.tgk perut sudeyh.babe,i miss u soooo sooo much.hope to see u this coming holiday.illi rinduuu sama elllaa.uwaaaaaa.