Friday, August 1, 2008

morning breezeeeee hello sunrise!

okie today is saturday and it is amazing a person can actually woke up at 6.00 on the weekends? perform subuh prayer,gosok gigi,drink nestum and now i'm all set for a jog!
hehehe semangat naak tgk sunrise.(due to suhaili's picture at ym it was so wonderful)
so i decided to have one too with my comel bubbly girlfriends :
  • che sarah,
  • nuraini suhaili,
  • maisarah,
  • nadhirah,

  • too bad iylia was not here.

che sarah and me were wearing completely proper sports entire. it shows how determined we are , sungguh la semangat kami berdua sudah membuat bising dah ketawa riang pada pukol 6.45 di v3b sambil menunggu my comel bubbly friends. nadhirah, nuraini suhaili and mysarah were just wearing casual look.
i was wonderin "do we look like semangat or they r just sempoi?"
che sarah"xpe kter kan nak jogging"
ella elma"yeah riteeeee jogging tp naik kereta nadhirah ke tasek"

i know when i was a kid, i always wanted to see with my own two big eys to watch sunrise. i want to feel the quite peaceful morning, to taste the fresh morning air, to astonish the amazing creation by Allah S.W.T. kononyer berjiwang romantic la?
well i have the opportunity now and the wonderful thing is i get to watch it with my comel bubbly friends. next mission is to watch with the special one. :-)
well as usual we snapped pictures and gelak gelak mcm org gilakkk.


lynntermizi said...

hey hey ella!!welcome to this blogging world!!nice to see ya here..update more!!n those pictures are lovely!=)

mysara said...

haha klaka2
x terlompat pun
jom jom pg lg lain kali