Friday, August 1, 2008

i am actually blogging?

hello i am so new hereee n it feels so bizzare to having a diary that people can actually read it? well there goes by the name of BLOG kan?
It is a wonderful friday today. I woke up not-so-early this morning since i slept not-so-late lastnight. pretty much i have been left alone in UTP for the time being because all of my favaourite person on earth are actually leaving meee.

IYLIA THE KICK-ASS ROOMATE - she went back to johor yesterday and i can see straight from her face, she is the happiest person on earth. she is very very close to her family and it is so nice to see nowadays, teenagers are still bond with their family. because i know some people are not. well i'm glad i've been calling my parents twice a day. infact, we had been asked this kind of question in soaring the eagle(program for petronas scholar).
"how many times u called ur parents?"
some people not even called their parentsonceweek?
(gaped in shock)
well who am i to judge kan?

SARA THE LOVEY-DOVEY FRIEND- How could u leave me sara? haha. well she just went out to ipoh with her s0-called bestfriend yg sngt sngt comel. it is so comel to see how bond they are as a bestfriend i'm so jeolousss well i should have one. hehe.
sara dont forget my double cheese burger set!
if not i'll be hearing my stomach doing their own
sympony fest.

so, they are my TWO favourite person whom actually not hereee noww. I am friggin bored bored bored untill i come out with an idea.

that is me, webcamwhoring while blogging. kurang siuman kan?

that is what u got if u been stuck alonee at room.


adeera azman said...

cute-ness ella lalala. welcome to blogger love !

Anonymous said...

sweet! =D
i left u for a while je la smlm.
looking forward to your next posts.
will be ur frequent reader.

eli.suhaili said...

hello hello baby blogger !
comelan betul ella punya blog nanti, mesti seronok dgr ella punya stories ( itu kami tahu ! ;p)

*sempurna sindrom la you all ni. ehehe*

hadio69 said...

eh2 ella ad blog~
cntik ny blik die~
ini xadil!

aBiR aBhAr said...

welkam to blogger universe

Anonymous said...

-illi fatin

adik2 lelaki btho x rindu ke weyh?

-fieza jong-