Saturday, August 2, 2008

random talk.

today i don't feel like blogging much bcoz i feel
tired, sleepy,hungry, not in the mood, missing my family, still not having my roomate
and the main part is i have tons of assignment that need to be done todayy...perhaps.
yet i'm still bloging jugak kan? ishh ckp mcm "kelly ng" betol. huhu

i want to say a whole bunch of thank you to

  • nuradeera= pengacau ym yg setia and we do have da same taste in clothing. F21 rocks!

  • nuraini suhaili= the one who inspires me to do my own blog.

  • wan kamalhadi= my dramates in foundation. yeah we are the last minutes group kan?

  • lynntermizi= iylia's ee fren yg sungguh comel.

  • che sarah= my next frequent blog-stalker. haha

thanks u guys for being one of the earliest person to notice me having a new blog. sorry for having too many wrong spelling as well as broken english. one thing f.y.i, lagu sempurna mmg sah hakmilik ella ye? haha perah-santan.

on the the sympony fest night, saya merasakan diri saya sangat sangat kecil(tiny-itsy-bitsy) di dalam chancellor hall itu kerana they are many beautiful talented person performed on the stage. i was actually astonished as well as gaped in shock to entertainingly watch the student of utp playing all kinds of music instrument,singing and dancing. the night was colourful of music and performing arts. eventhough i was not in the stage, i was particurlarly proud to see there are bunch of my friends upthere on the stage.

this was the best part- TENGKU my energetic-super-friendly friends has a full of melody voice. she performed indeed very well. actually, that was my first time listen to her voice singing. the dresses are stunningly beautiful. ala-ala princess. two thumb up! credits for the utp virtuoso too.(eli tersengeh-sengeh menonton-too cute!)

i want to say what a great performance to anyone i know who performed at the sympony fest. thanks you for succesfully entertained my heart and soul on the night. i was having a great time!

p.s: how lucky to be born talented kan kan kan?


adeera azman said...

oh-oh-oh, best taw kacau, ahaha ;DD

eli.suhaili said...

ahah! thank you too ella!
for coloring this bloggers kinda own world ;)

sempurna milik ella ?

Anonymous said...

dah tau bohsan tuh balik la ke kampong halaman ngok~`!

-fieza si abg btho kaw-