Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the best you never had.

sometimes u can't get everything that u asked for.
sometimes u feel you are not good enough for everything.
sometimes u feel why i am not that person?
sometimes when u woke up, u feel u are nobody in this world.
i am the one who take things seriously.
if i don't get what i am keen for, i'm so weak at being tolerant for uncertainty.
Ella please face the fact, this is the reality!

thank u che sarah my lovey-dovey friend for being there to make things better.
thank you iylia for making me laugh eventho u like to kick me on the ass-haha!
even thank you to some people who actually understand what i've been through.


Cerra said...

maybe there's something better for u in store in the future.
jgn fikir sgt okay.
i'll be there whenever u need me to.
thats what friends are for =)

Piggy said...

ellaaaaaaaaa i got u hereeeeeeee haha. and i'm sorry to give you 'gotcha!' comment in a sad post. but still, GOTCHA!