Thursday, August 21, 2008

take a sneak peek about me

i'm a left of center
i'm a little out of tune
some say i paranormal
i just bend their spoon
who wants to be ordinary in a crazy mixed up world

-the lyric best decribed me for the time being .(you get me from michelle branch)

yess my brain is not in the right place and my mood is all over the place. i having ups and down of life. but this time i have a companion to went nuts-my roomate! sumpah kteorg x betul semalamm and she kept hitting mee ouch! conpirm the taekwando outfit on the 2nd floor belongs to iylia but da outfit is missing?
we laughed for no particular jokes and we kept on laughingg. after few hours, we turned out to be normal again. well half-normal la i should said because we still talk nonsence. oh syg la roomate!
then, we both make a research (nope nope not thru internet since the internet is *tuttt* slow, yes the one big factor lead to abnormal behavior among us two). A research about how to be the most abnormal and boring person ever- ZUHAILA ELMA BT ZULKEFLI.

  1. i like to nag/merengek/complaining almost everything kott. i merengek everyday about my short fringe, about regret 4 not wearin my retainer(after braces), about stupid parking at v3. i am expert at merengek like a baby!

  2. a girl with a very enough sleep eventho i am in understress or not finishin my work, sleep is the priority. trust me i dun read the last chapter for my final exam the next day, i still slept well but woke up like i'm the person who did not sleep for a whole week. and then go nagging bout dat at the lecture. go back to the 1st point haha.

  3. a girl who like to tapau food at night but then i don't eat the food. i eat not because of the stomache, it is because i felt better when i eat or am going to eat so i won't worry to much about my weight and being super-skinny.

  4. don't give a damn about people saying" owh ella is the tallest person i've ever met" i am proud! don't blame me, blame the genetics.

  5. a girl who want to say "hye!" to people she knows but sumtimes too shy shy cat haha. so don't get me wrong i'm not snobbish okie?

  6. a girl who create lots of idea but failed to implement the ideas.

  7. a girl who likes to say "dangggggg!" in a very soft-spoken way. kan eli? haha

  8. a girl who loves the mirror and loves to look at the miroor. i hve 3 mirrors at my roommm. i even love to look at my laptop webcam and then snapp a pic after dat! (then post it at my own blog which eli always teased about-biar laaa hehe)

  9. a girl who very lack of willpower. i easily get distracted by anything even the single sound. i said i want to study at 8am, bla bla bla then i found it was already 11am and i did not even touch the book. then i went sleep. weyhh camna nak deanlist cik kak oi?

  10. a girl who don't know how much she spend everymonth. i dun even know how much the full tank of my car(malu seyh kat soaring the eagle ada nanyer).

well is not dat hard to be the abnormal person kann? in the way i stated my self above, i might sounds a lil bit uncontented about myself but i'm actually liking myself to the fullest. if u don't like urself, then who else? ur cat? ur neighbour i-dunno-his-name? self-love is the best foundation. eventho i am the worst person u know, this is the only person i knoww. i like being abnormal or different, who wants to be ordinary in a crazy mixed up world? you are who you are, don't change for other people. (but i might change to a better person) they just cannot accept u r way cooler and way different then they are.

convo fair are comingg... wait it is already here. good luck to everyone involved esp my roomate iylia. i'll be the most supportive fan of convo fair alrite.


E=MC2 said...

i lyke point no 4..
its so more or less lyke me..

best gak jd org tnggi kan~

anda yg pendek2 skalian,
dun underestimate us oke!!

iera wanie said...

yeay..u r ryte..
btl2..sayangi diri anda!!~