Saturday, August 30, 2008

it's my fault.

so sorry for the last blog i'd posted which i have already deleted it.
it might sounds harsh but i did not meant anything.
it is just that i got carried away with the emotion that i shud not have.
friendship is falling apart, no i don't want at all.
one thing, people always turn against me because ella jenis yg cakap lepas n kasar?
eventho i did not meant what i said.

p.s: abis la lepas nie my blog is not private anymore kan emma n aman?
everything that i blogged from now onwards will be kecoh kecoh satu rumah.
inilah melodi or e-news baru korg. huahuahuahua.


hadio69 said...

welcome 2 da world of bloggers ella hehe
bahan membahan menjadi lumrah
lebih² lagi blog public viewable hehe

aBiR aBhAr said...

owh patutla pelik...

jeff said...

ohoho. sabar je la.
anda ditag!