Sunday, August 24, 2008

convofair + convosquare = fair & square!

convofair + convosquare = fair & square!

convofair is the name of the event.
convosquare is the place of the event.
i dunno where the heck the fair & square come from.

okie can u please ignore the tittle? it doesn't make sense at all, it is just a stupid joke dat makes people think "what the hell is she thinking"?haha. okie the clock strikes 9.21, i'm having a computer organization test tomorrw, there is nasi ayam ayamas tapau on the table, messy lecture notes all over the room, and i am blogging for god sake? haha ella oh ella ko nie blogging at the wrong time. but i really do want to blog rite NOW. i am dying to blog rite nowww. puh-lease can u let me? omg it sounds so poyo.
today is the last day of convofair and i am pretty sure M.NASIR is performing right now. i hesitated to go due to the upcoming tests and assignment. however, the heart say" nak pegi nak pegi" but the brain say "weyh ko test esok kan". so, i follow what the "more intelligent" part of body-so uh-uh not going. sorry m.nasir!

nie hahh nak habaq mai makcik/pakcik sumer,

finally, i did the kayaking!


A word when u change the order of the letter, u still get the same word. okie i know it is way out of the topic. but heyy ella the-so-called boring person was finally did something different in her life. At first, my friend (thank u so much for accompany me!) and i went down to the v4 field to try the archery. futhermore, iylia my roomate was there as she was one of the comittee convofair to help the archery booth.(who know we might play for free ke....but sadly no) goshhh it was so hott we both sweat likee people who just take their shower-all wet wet. there were not many people there but we had to wait for half an hour to get our turn. so we think we shud stick to the original plan-kayak.

so we arrived at the lake. it was so weird to see there is no people at all at the lake from the far. well we saw the kayak was there, where were the people? we were wonderin" ade ke tak kayak nie? ke kter je yg semangat?". kteorg dah gelak gelak dah takot xde org, thank god ada jugak org jaga kayakk. so we filled up our names, wore the safety jacket(it look so ridicilous in it bcoz it is so big) and we were all set for kayaking! abg convofair tu explain lil bit about kayak n how to use the safety jacket.

i asked him" is there any possibilities of kayak terbalik?"

he answered" insyallah"

well fineeeeee.

i sat on the front since the heavier one suppose to sit at the back. obvisiouly la kan the tough-guy dok blakang? haha sooryy! so, we row row row the boat gently down the stream merilly merilly bla blaaaa. okie it was not a boat, it was kayaking so change the lyrics a lil bit. we kayak like a pro! haha we kayak almost the whole lake la kann and there was comel pokok in the middle of the lake. the lonely-pokok.

so the experiece of kayaking was challenging and tiring and exciting! nak kayuh tu penat sket but my friends did the most part haha i buat buat penat kayuh jeeee betol tak? there is one new theory we found out, when u kayak, u will get a muscle hand! hehe. in the end, my jeans was all wettttttttt.......basah lencunn! moral of the story, do not wear jeans to kayaking.(haha merepek)

what else is interesting about the convo fair? well i give 2 thumbs up for the food. we had dunkin donut, pizzahut, a&w, ayamas, sup gearbox, ICE-BLENDED( sedap sedap credits to the ice-blender maker kan? kata nanti nak suh ella jual the next convofair haha). one more thing, we had the fish spa! menarikk but i i did not try la as i already tried it at midval.(the fishes at midval are way way bigger). Enough about the food( hidup untuk makan!). let's move on about the entertainment we had in the convofair. for the first show, we had nabil performed on stagee. did i mentioned i am a big fan of raja lawak 2? x baik punyeeeee haha. of course i was looking foward for the show. i went there but unfortunately, it rained so heavilyy. kteorg terkaandas dlm khemah for quite a time. then after an hour in the tent, we decided to go back coz it still rained. rugi seyh x dpt tgk one of my fren on the stagee haha. well i went back to study for my computer organization test. well it made sense kann?

by the time i finished this blog, the convofair was already ended. no more loud music i could hear at my room comes from the convosquare. i have to wait another year for the excitement....on that time i will be the 2nd year student already. bler dgr cam sedih laaa cz another fews year, we are the one who will actually attend the graduation day. after that, no more convofair, no more v3, no more lecture,no more dc++, no more irc, no more utp. most of all, i'll leaving my friends at utp and soon entering the more university life. a long way to go la ella!

yeah yeah dis week i'm going back to kl to see my family. rindu bangat seyhhhh!


E=MC2 said...

xde pic ke?

i xtau pn ade kayak n archery mase convofair tu..
*malu malu~

mnyesalnye xtau..

iera wanie said...

beshnye p kayaking..

eli.suhaili said...

hah! kayak tak ajak !
ehehe, baru igt nak race dgn dechis

ella, sedey kan, dgr suara mNasir dari tingkap bilik je.

jeff said...

wah, seronoknya (!) berkayak.

oh btw, hai ella~