Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the place where i choose to be.

hello everyone! today i am so in the mood for telling you a story about a small peaceful town which has almost every happiness u can asked for. well it is not the place i've been stayin now. uh-uh definetly not kuala lumpur. it is a place where i had been living for 7 years of happiness and it is far different from the busy city of kuala lumpur.
PRESENTING......the place is the one and only TAIPING the truly perak. hehe
mesti korang x percaya kann? i was born in johor bahru but my childhood life was in Taiping and currently i live in Kuala Lumpur. i started my standard one and finished my standard 5 at taiping. Our childhood life is definitely the moment we cherished every second of it. when we were kids , we don't care all the bruises we got for playing at the outside and this was the time where our skin had been burned by the sun-yes my mom used to call me anak India mana sesat nie.
hell yeahhh we had fun and we did not care at all-there is nothing to be worry about! it was all occurred at the peaceful town of taipingg.

where i should start about my superb-life at taiping? to start it off, my primary school was SRK convent kota located just behind the Legend Inn hotel. the only 4 star hotel in taiping kott. the school is too small where it is only fits 4 classes for every standard. we don't even have the compound area and the surprising part is we don't have canteen tables.
Do u guys know where did we eat? on the floor! menarik kan mkn laksa kat lantai kene bongkok2 badan? the place where we eat(or we called canteen without tables) is the same place where we had our assembly every monday. well for my 5 years attending that school, i did not complaint much because my friends and i were like "x kesah la janji skola gempak". the SMK convent kota is much more interesting than the primary school which situated just beside it.
i don't quite remember the history of smk convent kota, as far as i concerned the building was been used by the Christian sisters something and sum sort of hospital kot.
kat sana ada byk patung-patung church dan ada satu lorong rahsia ke bwh tanah that the students are not allowed to enter. kat lorong bawah tanah tu ade nampak byk lilin-lilin. one of the bilik pun had been used as the bilik mayat time zaman british dulu. well the secondary school is lot bigger than the primary one and the building pattern is like the british building. it was quite scary to see so many angel statues around the school. byk la jugak dgr cerita hantu yg menakutkan. the experience of studying at the girl school is much more interesting because we are very competitive of being the teacher's pet. pagi pagi je semangat tunggu depan kete cikgu nak angkat bag.(gler kaki bodek) well it is different from my school in kl, sumer sempoi jeee. ko angkat la beg sendiri cikgu yeee.

taiping is a really small town i must said. we only drive 5 minutes to the supermarket and minus the traffic jam. there is no traffic jam at all! pi mai pi mai tang tu jugak. trust me u won't get lost at taiping. i know almost everyone( well half of everyone) i bumped into in the super-market especially in the Taiping Jaya Supermarket. Taiping jaya supermarket is like the-KLCC for people in taiping. Whenever we want to buy groceries’ or pretty clothes or toys, we shopped there! Taiping jaya has everything that we asked for, don't u ever undersstimate taiping jaya tau. eventho the size of klcc is like triple bigger than the Taiping Jaya, it was actually once to be our shopping-paradise. melompat-lompat seronok bler mamy ajak pegi taiping jaya jee tros ingat nak beli colour pensel Luna or crayon or buku biodota(it used to be a trend tau dulu). padahal kat rumah bertimbun-timbun kotak pensel warna.
if now, we will dress to impress or i shall say i will likely to dress nicely la if we want to go Midvall or Pavillion ke...when i was in taiping, bangun tido pun dah leh siap tros pegi Taiping Jaya Mall. it was so different from now but i was enjoying every second of it!!

one of the best part of taiping that makes me proud as the taiping-ian, it is the spectacular scenery and the green-ish environment of taman tasik taiping. it is breath-takingg! lawa glerrrrr. u can't find a place where the trees are almost more than 200 years kot, the trees are actually look like the canopies where its shaded along the road in taman tasik. even the lake is big enuff where u guys can ride like the cycling-vheicles on the lake too. did i mention the famous-amos zoo taiping? i don't need to mention more, just go and feel the excitement by urselves. nak tahu tak maser i was still in taiping, bler malam je time weekends kat taman tasik tu ader byk maknyah and pondans. hahahahaha nasi goreng sutun!
then we have the bukit larut, air-terjun, muzium yg berhantu, the oldest train station in malaysia, the wonderful old buildings and also mrsm taiping.
seronok duduk taiping rasa macam kat countryside even org dier pun super-friendly.
seronok ckp loghat perakk. "hang ni awat tak habaq?"

when i was in taiping, eating is the other best part u can find heree. u can eat anything from pasembor blakang st-george highschool to apambalik larut matang to the best kuey teow(dolly) everr u can eat at the cheapest price. serious kat taiping mkn gler murah compare to kl. my mom always complaint" ishhh ikan kat taiping dah la segar-bugar, murah lak tu. kat kl, ikan mata dah merah sumer"
ade satu restoran tu nama dier Restoran Assalamualaikum! menarik gler kecik je kedai dier tp mmg like almost eveyweek my family went there. pastu kuey teow dolly dier mmg satu Malaysia dah kenal kott. mmg slurppppp terbaik! u guys shud try it mmg A++.

dulu bler petang je, my brother always take me a ride around taiping riding motorcycle...best gler makan angin!

now i live in kuala lumpur. if you are asking which place is better to live in? It’s pretty hard to answer it because i like it both.
the important is my family. they are the reason which one is a better place to live in. however, i am definetly miss taipingg. i should go there more often as i am studying at utp tronoh kan?
it only takes around one hour drive x jauhh punn.

awwwww my comel school. rinduuuuuuuuuuu.

so kawan kawan bler mahu menjejak kaki ke taiping?
i will be ur the most coolest, cutest and awesome tour guide ever!


eli.suhaili said...

Taiping !
dying to visit taiping since last sem tau tak!
we hv to plan on it ( aka meeting kite ;P) like SERIOUSly.
asyik 'typing' error je bila nak pergi. uhuhu

dechis on taiping-tour perhaps.
urghh! jum jum kawan - kawan! ;D

ella elma said...

eli... aritu semangat kot siap nak wat sandwiches dah for our trip to taiping.
jom la korggggg it is nothing more happier that bring u guys to my used-to-be my hometown.

swift merah pun xpenah sampai taiping lg ni.

Anonymous said...

huhu! bestnya dgr psl taiping.
sorry sgt hari tu tak dpt nak pergi.
i promise one day,we will go to taiping.
do mark my words eh ella? =)

(i enjoyed reading the school part the most!)

y a n a said...

babe! i org taiping jgk.. n ex convent kota jgk... hehe.. proud to live in taiping haa..?? =)

E=MC2 said...

dolly kuew teow!!
me da pnah pegi sana..
it was superb nice..
n super duper murah..

im used to be PERAKian..

aBiR aBhAr said...

dolly kuey teow?
penah2!! sedap ow

ey, i was born in Taiping and my kampung also in taiping..
taiping sgt best!
seriously agree with u

ella elma said...

waaa byknyer org taiping kat sini.
bangga then we should make a whole trip to taiping soonnnn.

y a n a said...

and one more thing dear, i baru teringat, kite penah jd clasmate taw..huhu..n i remember ur sis too..yg prefect kn?zuraida??

iGotBalls said...

taiping byk berok.ak dlu skola seratas.
taiping bandar berok....ngeeee