Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eid Mubarak

oh the blast of hari raya is done and done and close all the balang of kuih cornflakes and start switching to a real meal instead of rendang tok siang malam, but the syawal month is not over.

Yet, tons of assignment as well as test DCN kill my raya mood already. Thanks.
So no more berbaju kurung lawa glamer to the raya openhouse anymore, back to the normal life again.
I'll be coming back to utp tomorrow.
"waaaaa sonok nyer gembiraaa x sabar nk balik "-in a sarcastic tone. =(

Well, this year is one of the best raya I've ever had. Since last year my family and I went to States and beraya there with my brother at Boston. So, we missed all the duit raya, raya open houses and my favourite rendang tok at Sungai Rokam. Last two years, we beraya at KL and we sort of not beraya pun since it was the first raya without arwah abg Rafiz. So, we decided just to beraya at home with the family.
So, this year is different.

owh yeah i ganed 3 kg haha too fast aite? Hari raya made me fat! but of course i like it.
and i have so many baju kurung raya this year, yg tempah ada yg beli readymade lg!
So i find a reason to go to every raya openhouses hehe.
Btw, thanks for everyone who made it my raya openhouses okie, sayang koraangg!
The one who cannot made it x sayang dah. haha kiddin. just a bit upset some of my closest friends cannot made it. =(

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kyrie said...

ella, sorry i can't make it to your open hse the other day!!! and for the late text reply, hari tu ada guest, and hp kat bilik! open hse nampak best! rugi x pegi ni. =)