Monday, September 20, 2010

In a good rushin

Heylo blog-readers, anyone? Perhaps that must be atleast 1-2 person who gonna read this, I know who you are my super-awesome stalker, love you lah! Lately, I tend to blog when I was in the office. Indeed, now I am in the office. Frankly speaking not in 'my office'. Im in Menara Annexe, auditing for Telekom. Still in my first week here, all the seniors still in the process obtaining information so left the interns still with no works. I bet next week I will be starting doing change testing for the systems.

Raya was fun. For the working people like me(eceh padahal intern je.), any hoiliday would be a big score! So, I took almost 2 weeks unpaid leave. Too bad, elaun kurengggg dis month. However, lucky me my duit raya can cover (I think lebih kot) all those my unpaid leave. This raya I love all my baju kurungs! Selalunyer ade je yg x kene ngan bj kurung pastu carik gado ngan tailor ngeh ngeh.

After raya, my hommies all doozed off to 'not-so-perfect-getaway' to Port Dickson. We were supposed to stay-in for 2 nights at the bungalow in front of the beach but we ended up only 1 night because the place sucks. Oppsyy no la kiddin! It was quite not what I expected, the place kinda abandoned I think. It was friggin hard to get a good place dining. The reason because all the good restaurants were still closed due to hari raya. The beach was nice, nice as in Bali. We should be proud of own beach, the beauty of it. Only it is lack of fun activities at PD. Sorry PD people not intend to offend u guys.

I miss all my besties Iylia(especially!), Sara, Eli, Mae, Nad, Kat. I miss having constant laugh, hearty talks and good food with converstions. All i want is that, Well, intern life is not bad. Step aside woke up early, the traffice and mingle with people who are older than you hehe. Others, internship is great! I wonder why people want to go back to utp damn fast. With all the assignment and test to study(yg nie consider okie-la jugak), FYP somemore is gonna be a big headache, super-panas all sticky and wet, the food were not-dat nice either. Only thing dat make me want to go back to utp is the companions, the circle of friends. In KL, you can do whatever things you want. =D

Tadaaa, see what I did when Im bored. Im using Microsoft Visio.

Me with short crop. Suka tak?

Okie back to work(boring...), Bye.