Thursday, September 2, 2010

Study vs working

I hate it when I did my job wrong. It feels like Ive been crushed and knocked down because I hate doing things wrong. Just now my boss said Ive wrongly extract data from SAP. So, now I have to go back to client place and do it again. OMG, I wont mind do it again but to see my boss face and delaying things to get done, I just can’t take it. Well, I’m a newbie here so we learn things from mistakes. I should take that quote to myself just to calm myself and not to worry over small matters.

Benci benci benci, that’s why I hate working. We always have to take responsibilities and carry the burden. I think I still not ready to do that yet because I’m more prefer to sit around study, doing research and completed my assignments. Study or woking? Yes, study.I have once said to my mom “ella xnak keje nak study jeeee sampai bila bila”.
Hah teruk kan ella nie? Such a spoilt brat. =P

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amiza said...

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