Sunday, April 25, 2010


I announced this sem is my official summone semester!
mcm bangang jeee duit sumer donate kat pak guard, polis, jpj dah seangkatan kaum kerabat sewaktu dgn nyer.

First, I got summone rm30 at Ipoh yg dekat Restoran Hainan Chicken Rice, ntah xingat nama jalan kt situ. We went there for our friday's lunch. It is one of our common place to go there, we had been there for many times already and we never ever paid the parking lot machine yg daif buruk till i thought it did not functions anymore. So, I ignored to pay since before this we did not had any problem with that. Even I saw few cars were also parked there without paying the parking lot machine.
Then, the most frightening park to see a piece of paper slipped through the wiper. (tot it was just a pamplet selling stuff)
Sekali, kene saman ngan Majlis Perbandaran Ipoh for not paying the parking lot machine.
Tahiiiiiii betol first time lak tu.

Second, i think this is the very very common story of UTP student. kekadang ada rasa simpati jugak kat PakGuard UTP. Tp, sape suh saman membabi buta, bermaharajalela tanpa bertimbang rasa, ecehhh dah kluar ayat ayat bombastic. (bombastic la sngt).
It was the day to take our final exam slip. I got barred for taking my final exam slip because I have summones that have not been paid yet. Eh I was like the last time I checked I did not noticed any paper at my car for the entire sem.
So, I went checked for the summone and I have 4 summones, equals to rm120. bapakkk la!

So i double checked with the pakguard and thennnn they were not even my plat number!!! There is only one of the summones is from my plat number and the rest are not mine. So, i told him to check it again.
He came back with the new piece of paper and tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mcm magic pulak when the plat number were all changed already to my plat number. x rasa cam pelik bin ajaib ke?
I asked him "eh kenapa tetiber tuka lakkk? mcmana bole jadi nie".
He was like malas nak layan meee and still insists me to pay. Gerammm geram tahan jgn marah jgn tengking, sila hormat org tua nie ye elaaa oii.

Thirdly, this happned just now, today. My roomate and I spontaneously decided to go to ol town for breakfast. Well i think every utp student knows there is road-block in front of the campus gate. As usual I always got this adrenaline rush whenever I saw policemen, ntahhh mcm wat salah penjenayah je. So, I acted cool since I had nothing wrong. Pastu police tu pandanggggggg muka saya tetiber dier suh saya parking tepi. cuak cuak cuak!
Sekali dier check lesen saya, dah expired!!! hahahahaha sumpah x tahu selama nie.
Then he asked me, "awak rasa kalau lesen mati kene saman tak?"
ella replied " errr....err...kene kene saman. tapi bole tak if jgn saman saya?"
police itu said " okie xpeeee esok isnin awak renew. dah skang tuka driver, suh kawan awk drive".

Yeahhhh naseb baik tak kene saman. woot woot!

So, to conclude sem nie saya spend rm150 utk just for sume saman saman saya. hebat jugak kan?

btw, last eupho was awesome.
congrats salmah and the swingers!
therenody pown is jaw-dropping performance jugak.
Stereopop, you guys did a good job!

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RuGGers |8| said...

totally unfair!!3rd case tu sex discrimination!!
my fwen dh kne saman baru kne tny kot!
same place jgk dpn utp...