Friday, April 2, 2010


There are always list of things you want to do before you turn 21 or 30 years old or before you get married or before you die. You must have a wishlist, it excites you to keep through with you life and many joy aheads. Well, I have fullfilled one of my wishlist before I turn 21.
Watching any live Arsenal Match!
It is one of best experience ever, trust me it is totally different than any match you watched at home or mamak with ur friends. It is definetly jaw-dropping moment! *ella tutup mulut dun worry this is not a dream*

You can heard the crowds all the time shouting for Arsenal and that night was friggin cold I almost got freezed but all they wore just a shortsleeve Arsenal Jersey and a glove? Wow.
 It was a semi-final Carling Cup, Arsenal vs Man City. Eventhough most of the players are not from the first team, but I met Arsene Wenger! He is the same old folks as in the television.

The Arsenal supporters even shouted "Fuck Adebayor's mother" and they have this one song where they all sang together as the same thing they said fuck Adebayor's mother. Hahahahah I bet they were all drunk by that time. Too bad Man City kick Arsenal ass that night by 3-1. End of the match, all people were still happy no matter they lose or win. Then, we all went straight to our hotel and sleep till we were late for our breakfast because we have a long journey all they way drive from London to Manchester City Stadium.

And I want to do it all over again, perhaps end of this year kan visitin org tu?
hahaha London, i should start thinkin to pursuing my studies there.
Insyallah, the journey will be intern at PWC, final year project, graduate n Acca!

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