Friday, April 30, 2010

You are in my circle of trusts, hopefully don’t let it break.

We always talk about people. Especially those people who is attention-seeker. I’ve been here in utp for almost 3 years already. I can see how people change from foundation till now. Dr yg pakai tudung ke x pakai tudung, break pastu couple ngan org nie pastu scandal n desperate, dr nerd trus jd huha x ingat dunia and mcm mcm lagi la. This is kind of people who we always talk about. It is not I don’t like them, but too much stories about them makes me wondered “are they trying so hard to fit in?”

Come on la I am myself don’t fit in with anyone but I have never ever change for no one. Well you can say any bullshit about me go ahead, so do I. So, I hope people don’t get offended what I wrote here because I know all of you going to do the same thing going behind talking about other people.

This is the best reason I don’t let myself get very close to anyone. Because in the end we wont get along and we started to hurt each otha and let us down, had been there done that. Sangat teruk kene sampai x mampu nak nangis. So, I block my mind. Consequently, you won’t see me any near to a thing called mingle around. Well, I’m sucks at it.

If only there is a person who thinks and acts exactly like me, who understand how hard to mingle, who prefer to stay in by appreciating the wonderful time watching TV with a good conversation and food rather than go outing. Yes, it sound bored but hell I like YOU if u r like dat.

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