Wednesday, April 21, 2010


To think of,  there is only 1 month left to start my 8 month of internship. Within that 1 month, there will tests, assignments, project and the most crucial part- FINAL EXAM! arghhhhhhhhhh I dont know whether the cuakness is because of the final exam or internship? Im scared the fact that both are coming very near to me!

I really want to have the time where I have nothing to worried about. Just sitting at home watching tv and the mind is empty. har har har har glerr pemalas dowh. Plan for future is one long of list but the thing isI do not want to anything instead!

Im not the type of girl who wants to get marry to the rich young men and sitting at home being the trophy wife. Remind Im not like dat missy.
Still, I dont want all this assignment, works, bla bla bla to get me preoccupied with.

I want something fun and adventerous, Something we call self-actualization! har har har gler la maslow of hierachy.I want to do bungee jumping, water-sports at Bali, go-cart, sky-diving, learn to play drums, dancing salsa.......anything new anything FUN and DIFFERENT!

Do we any job in the market now where we do all this kind of stuff? and then u get actually paid for doing it. har har har melampauuuu. I always wanted to be like Ian Wright in the Discovery Travel Channel. U got paid for travelling? how awesome is that. Yes, i want that.
Who needs pretty expensive clothes good looking guy if you can explore the whole world?

Gosh i like travellig a lot!
I should start saving from now, my pocket money from scholarship plus the salary from Pwc. I already have one plan in mind, to visit my schoolmates at States next year. I still have my visa valid for next 10 years.

*oh missy wake up! wake up! stop berangan cam mat jenin dush dush *&^%$#@!!!*

My study week is in 3 weeks time and all Im think of is to go for a vacation?
Aiyoyoyoyo susah tol jadi perempuan suka berangan.
Okie back to the reality.
I have 3 upcoming tests next week. advanced database, programming and economics!
and the persuasive presentation too.

Okie Bye!

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