Saturday, April 24, 2010

Do all things change?

 21 years of life. In the 21 years of living in the earth, do you think I have learnt a a lot already?
Nursery to primary school to highschool to foundation to deegree.....will be completed, then intern....will be soon starting.
they are all checked! so do think I have matured enough? agak agak dah matang tak?

There is one more thing I always wondered did i change alot from my highschool life to campus life? if we have our form 5 reunion, do my old friends said I change to a better person or worse or just still the same girl as they know the 5 years back.

In highschool, I was not the girl who mingle around, im not fit in with everyone. only certain people je i can talk a lot to. There is so hard for guys to break the walls.
I was very lazy, sangat susahhhhhhh nak tgk ella study utk test. x penah basuh baju. x penah susah. everything is so easy for me to get what I want. I am very attached to my closest friends. They were like 7 of them in the highschool.
My skin is way lot trouble than now, oily and pimples. Buruk selekeh gler. And skinny.
My communication skills in English is bad indeed.

Now I'm the girl who still not interested to mingle around(it is just not me-type), but I do have new many friends in fact I make a lot of new awesome friends here! They even become my best friends. However, I had met many people who had hurted me in any such way but thank you. Because of them, I know who are my true friends. I have let few guys to break the wall but things are not what you expected want it to be. Yet, he is still.
In utp, the people here are wayyyy too rajin than my high school. So, I starting to know what is like to be hardworking! heheee I never know the experience to stay late night drink nescafe just the fact to study for tomorrow test, but now I know. mcm jakun glerr!
dah tahu basuh baju. dah tahu susah esp bab makanan.
I am still attached with my highschool friends but at the same time I lost my other few closest friends. We lost contact, only keep in touch through the facebbok.
My skin is way better, still oily and still pimples but less. Addicted to topshop the reason to stop me being selekeh anymore. And still skinny but taller! hehe.
Now, i can talk fluent in English. Im proud of myself!

there are few things change and few remains the same.
Some things is better to stay it dat way and some things should experience changes.
Positive or negative.
So we learnt to appreciate or we learnt to fix the flaws.
Im glad I am change.
To a better one.

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