Thursday, March 4, 2010

This is to you bitch.

Okie this time around you really did piss me off. You are so over the limit.
First, I was being cool about you teased me and told your stupid jokes in front of people.
Yeah, I did laugh because I don’t want to be rude.
I did not mind because I know what you said it is just a piece of shit.

But now you go beyond the boundaries.
Come on la bitch you don’t have to tease other people just because you feel insecure of yourself.
Then you go running into people telling others? Fuck.
It was so silly that don’t actually you look yourself at the mirror?
*lain la if muka ko hot mcm pan-asian ke, tinggi n badan hot ke
nie setakat muka mcm tu dah la kempeng pastu kecik pendek lak tu tlg laa*
Or I bet they were too many people telling how you "really" look until you becomes psycho and then you try to pass the negative vibe to other people so that now you feel better. Then, you attacked me who I did not do any wrong to you.

Please, grow up alright. Don’t wasting your 4 years and a half at university to become of what a person you are now.

“None of these girls are worth humiliating, looking at the mirror will do that for them"

Im so sorry for the rude post and all the bad words.
But if u know how big damages she had done to me, you know how it feels like.


Adeera Azman said...

ella, thank you fr in a way you wrote down the way i felt too. but mine ada sikit addition sedih hehehe :)

fieza. said...

nk ak turun tronoh lempang sesiapa ngan tayar zakiah ke?

TPK said...

oh lol, silence is golden. words can be fatal if not controlled.

cool down, payback's a bitch and waits for it's time.

whyo said...

more power to you Ella!

kyrie said...

uhu, looks like someone has gotten over the limits here.. chill2, belasah je.. hahah