Friday, March 19, 2010

midsem break

These are what I've learnt/talked/gossiped/know/ask/everything la on my midsem break

  • Alif Aziz on his Cinta videoclip (my bestie discovered the video when we were karok-ing) is super deliciously hot! sumpah weyhhhh i'm melting like a sundae choc ice-cream under the hot sunny sun. He looks so yummy till it makes me want to taste him like a lollipop candy (horny sngt nie hehe). We watched it all over again and again (we hold the mic but we didnt sing pown instead we just jaw-dropping or we shouted " omg omg omg omg omg cute cute awwwwwwwwwwwwwww arghhhhh look look his eyes) all of sudden then it popped out in my head "goshhhh he look someone I knew back in London" haha siket siket laaaa.
  • when you are about to graduate, you would get through the pre-graduate syndrome, like what my sister is having now. She said she gonna miss everything back at the university, the adrenaline rush of having dateline of assignment, going to classes n so on the campus life. she don't know what else she gonna do when she finished university. the stress in the office? or having difficulties meeting up her roomate and friends? alaaaa chill la bobo. .............mcm my brothers said kejap je tu pre-graduate syndrome once dah dpt gaji, kebushhhhh everything gone! hope so laaa since my sister lmbt je lagi nak kejee, acca dah menunggu.
          so emma cheer up dun be sad okie?
wait for me on June where together we team up to be the coolest of being loser!
  • *the big relief sigh here* Alhamdullilah, I've already obtained my intership placement. Fuhhh lega abis weyh serious if not nak blaja pown susah asyik pikir jee ade ke org nak hired org x seberapa pandai ni tuk keje ngan company dieorg. Thanks pwc, looking foward on June. The moment Ive got confirmation from the company, trus went shopping for my very first formal office attire! Shoes i need new shoes! eyes on the prize for the Nina West. but too bad it is a sandall. I dont think I will be needed that sandall for my office attire, but but but I dun like high all. Flat rules! But whatever it is I'm so glad that this is the company I really really want to work for. =)
  • Always help and accompany your friend to buy present for her boyfie eventhough you are single and not mingle. It's pretty fun too kan cik illi? Who knows it will passed up the luck to you kan? hahaha.
  • Noktah Cinta by Hafiz, currently is my fav song in my playlist. Layannn lagu nieeeeeeeeee, serious rasa cam nak naek atas stage nyanyi.
  • Crussin' with new ride and it is such a head-turner for everyone, totally made us feel so gooddddddddd. Super hot car! Cayala mummy and abah hehehehehehehe.

Unfortunately, Sunday is coming near. It means it is time to go back to UTP already. =(

However, i miss my UTP friends eventhough i meet them everyday, i still miss the time when we do something fun.
Jom tgk sunrise like we used to?


eli.Suhaili said...

Jum Ella :)

Anonymous said...

wow new ride??? kereta ape laa tu eh? dah tak naik swift lagi ke???