Monday, March 29, 2010


I bumped to one or two of my friends when they were on the way for jamming.
Then I was like wondering and then popped out "oh yeah forgot eupho is coming".
Hehe I still remember those days I carried that super heavy keyboard around and practising the same two songs again and again everyday. I also remember how clueless I am on keyboard, feeling akward replacing piano to keyboard. That hot jamming room and bumped to other senior bands who I recognized them through previous final euphonious and I was like "fuyoooo dier yg terrer maen drum tu kan". huhu.
The adrenaline rush few days before perform.

And also being the comitee itself having a such experience.
But this time around, I'm a full time audience and voters.
Sorry for not joining guys.
Good luck all musicians and play good because I will be voting you guys fairly.

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