Monday, March 29, 2010

I like this kind of feeling.

I never thought how excited the orphanages to use the computers. They pretty like the use of the computer! I can see the happy faces when we taught them how to create an email. When they have one in yahoo and gmail already, they go spread to others. They were proudly to have one and they started to note down everyone email in the piece of paper. Then, they started sending them with the content like" heylooo buat apa tuuu? seronok la dpt dtg sini". Awwwwww. When they were so excited to know and learn, I get even more excited macam happy dpt teach dieorg eventhough i think it is the simpliest thing where everyone knows it. But computer kt lab sometimes lembap internet connection and there was somthing wrong on gmail.There is this one kid i taught her, her name is eika. I can see she was so upset because she cannot send email to her friends and she had to move to other computer. Well, i tried my best to cheer her up by opening youtube. 

oh yeah i think they like youtube the most kot, there was this one time i felt like I was in cc. Bunyi Naruto, ade tgk puteri bunian kt tv3, tgk cartoon. hahaha well they request so i was like " okie kakak bukak youtube nak tgk cter apa tadi? spongebob?"
Sometimes, I felt like a lab instructor! too bad i dont teach c++, netbins or oracle. Saya ajar microsoft word, email and internet explorer je to the orphanages. hehe.

We all had such a good time. It is the most sempoi and cool event I've ever participated. I never went through this such experience, you know dealing with the orphanages it was my first time. Ella nie xdelah byk sngt masuk event setakat eupho, CIS deanlist award, Syntech tu je la pownn. Balik kl tu kire event ella plng active haha.
But I like JTECHX(Junior Technology Exploration) the most! =) 

nak ajar budak budak nie belajar computer lagi, looking foward. next time kter ajar powerpoint or adobe ke.
ataupown kter ajar visual basic buat system? hahahahaha ella pown noob kot.

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