Monday, August 2, 2010

Audi Rafie

Audi Rafie Bin Rashidi Elmi, I should said a big welcome to the family our baby boy!
My brother and my sis-in law just had a baby-boy last 2 weeks ago and alhamdullilah he is perfectly healthy. There is nothing more for the parents and the rest of the family could ask for. So, now I have one nephew to call me MakSu.

Serious I cant wait for Audi to turn around 3-4 months years old because Im sure that time is the best period to play with. For now, Audi kinda bit of sleepholic haha! yelaaaa baru beberapa hari kottt not even one month, all he knows is sleep, breastfeed, cry and then sleep again, Tunggu laaaa dah 3-4 bulan, mmg terbaikkkkk! I still remember when Im in charged to babysit Erina when she was still 4-5 months years old when her parents were working and Opah dier was not around at home, yes I am the one who took care of her! garang kottttt erina takot heheeee tapi garang manja. =P

Audi I love You, such an adorable creation of God!
Here few pictures from Majlis Cukur Jambul and Aqiqah Audi Rafie.

Yes, im the proud auntie. =)

potong rambut audit ciputtt je okie?

family picture time! =D

the handsome boy!


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