Thursday, July 22, 2010

Learn real people skills

I always have trouble to mix around with new people, it takes such a long timeeeee. but this time I have to ditch it out! On mission to blend in with all the senior associates in my department. They are all very niceeeeee but it's just they been busy. So they have no time for this small itsy bitsy person, the interns. (in PwC we called vacation trainee).
I got scared to approach them as they look busy, i mean very busy! I do not want them to get the wrong impression of me, the one who sat on the cubicle without acknowledge anyone around. Moreover, the fact this is my official first week in the office, Ive been 3 weeks in Tenaga Nasional and 1 week in British American Tobacco.

So, ella be more friendly and create bonding! Think positive.

Apart from that, work is okie. Plain just okie. We entertain ourselves by doing work. Yes, believe it, we did. Leaving us jobless makes us bored. Really bored. Up to the point when we felt like dozing off! =P

Being an internal auditor isn’t just about checking the systems and raise an issue if there are no mitigated or compesated control and documented report once everything’s done. It’s about getting to know the clients, working in hand with our team members, and finding excitement in the job that we are doing. 

Okie to blend in with senior associates, TICK.
Okie to find excitement in doing work. TICK.

what else?

I think I take my internship very seriously laaa, chill chill. I have to let loose a bit.
Well here to make it more excites, i think I have a crush on this one guy. =P

Do I have that working woman kinda-look?
Nehh =P

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