Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update update.

Haloooo readers. waaaaa it's been awhileee i did not drop by at this page. It feels like my last post was so last season  as I told about the training and scared about my 1st job task. Well look now I am already on my third engagement with other company. Ive been in Menara TM for 3 weeks then been posted to Bukit Jalil for one week and next week one new place to go. Oh i dont think I can reveal which company I audited(private and confidential hehe) but I did enjoyed working with all of them.

But to be honest not 100% enjoy laaaa, duhhhh that's why we called working. Im definetly bluffing laaaa if I said "yeahhhhh im happy i cant wait to go work esok". Sometimes when we go to other company offices and frequently change place everytime u audited different company, u get tired of trying to adapt to new place and clients. Plus when your senior associcates were not around and u were alone in the clients place without knowing anyone, I pretty much had my lunch alone sometimes. sedih kan? However, it is one nice experience. I dont get this such opportunity in other company as being work in one of the Big Four audit firm. =) (puji lebih lebih nie mana la tahuu bos baca ke =p)

However now Im free for the whole week. When we the SPA interns did not have any engagement with company, we completly jobless hahaha! We sat around the office surfing the internet pretty much did nothing. That's why I got excited when I have work. But the thing is we only have work when we go to client places so far. When we were at the office, hmmm tunggu la jugak senior bagi keje. But the waiting never end hehehehe. So thank god I going somewhre to go next week.

Oh the people around here are niceee and friendly. I also damn lucky to have such  kind senior associates who care for the interns and not letting me went late more than 5.30. baik kannnn? Because I heard other interns at PwC went back late around 8-9pm. ngeeeee naseb baik bukan aku! I like my other two senior associates. sorg baik sorg kelakar. Cant wait to work with them again. Plz plz book me okie? =P

Oh yeah i just obtained my last semester result, Yipeeeeeeeeee i m so happy with my result, It was such a big achievement for me laaaaaa, if other people prolly elehhh biasa je result minah nie. Alhamduillah, finally I achieved what Ive been want it so much for so long. Saya suka Advanced Database System, sayang muah muahh! =D

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