Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jersey to work.

So, hello weekend. After went through my 1st 5 days of working, yes weekend is a perfect getaway! Elehhhhh baru 1 week dah kecoh la luuuuu haha. Adoy, 30 weeks to go dang it's a pretty long way to go. ella u can do it superwoman put the faith on urself!!

Yesterday everyone in the office had to wear their favourite team jersey. So, Ive seen many employees wore Argentina, England and Brazil jersey with jeans and sportshoes. Too bad I didnt obtained the email earlier as we cannot accessed the PwC server at our training place. In here, throughtout the worldcup we can wear our casual look by wearing our fav team jersey on every Friday. Cool kan? But if you meeting the clients, cannot maaaaa. If I received the email earlier, of course I will be wearing Portugal jersey to office yesterday that my brother bought for me recently. Thanks Aman! 

Next week is my 1st jobtask. tatutnyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I'm the only vacation trainee involved (here we called interns as vacation trainee) in the team and there is only 4 of us from SPA deparment to be sent there for the whole month. alaaaa dah xde lunch buddy bersama Qurra. I don't even know who who on the team and they ask me to go straight to Menara TM. Serious im dead scared right now for my very 1st job task in the 2nd week. I have to ask the clients about all the system they used to check if there any requirements do not meet, so as the auditors we enquired finding any wrongs in our client. So that is why most of the clients not very pleasant with our presence.

I have nothing to do this weekend, so kinda feel like a loser who has no exciting life. So, next week gotta plan something to do with friends. So peeps ajak la saya next week tau! hehee. I have to do something fun next week, compulsory! If not I will boredomly die and i feel like an old people already sitting at the couch watching tv without knowing what is outside there. haha.

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