Monday, June 14, 2010

1st day of internship.

Well a night before I started my 1st day of internship. seriously I cant sleep at all. I managed to sleep around 2.30am something. My brother and sister said because I was super-nervous thinking about the next day. Well, it is 60% true as Im scared the fact I can't find parking with the reasonable price around kl sentral. Second, the reason I cant sleep is because I woke at 11am in the morning due to england vs usa match on the sunday in the early morning match and then i take a day nap around 3 hours kot. hahaaa padan muka malam tu x bole tido dah!

so, today is Monday and I woke at 5.30am. I left my house around 6.30 am yes super early kannnnn? but still there were large number of cars were on the road already. I arrived at the parking space around 7 sumthingggg. hahahaa and my office hour starts at 8.30, danggggg dat was beyond early.

I met many new friends today, and they are all friendly. Most of them are studying abroad. All of us are 12 interns for the 2nd intake and only 4 of us are from local universities while others are from US ans UK. And im glad when they asked where I am from and I said UTP. all of the feedback are very positive." oh yeah I know utp, the campus is very nice". "i saw the pic of chancellor hall in utp and it is a spectacular building".
"owh utp i have a friends over there". And most of their friends, yeah I pretty know them but they are all 1 year senior from me. Morever, the utp interns before us did a pretty good job too. I've seen the video they made for the system process assurance department and i think it was hilarious. good job senior!

We obtained our company laptop today and there were lots of briefing about this and that and bla bla bla, what do expect from the 1st day kan? Nevertheless, I enjoyed my days with the interns and senior managers. Indeed, they are very very friendly. From the receptionist to all of the employees we passed by in the cubicle office, are friendly.
However, I was expecting our sv to ask us for a lunch together because i think it is a tradition for the sv to have a lunch together on the first day with the interns. =(

My carpark is around 15-20 mins walking distance to my office and I wear high heelsss!
dang it freaking hurt my feet and i bet my feets were crying painfully. I walked very hideously. buruk nak mampuih.

In the end of the day, I thank god I have other 2 utp friends, qurra and chee hong. it feels good to have a coursemates overthere. Furthermore, I am lucky to be stay at home. After all the tiring walking and terrible traffic jam in Cheras, being able to see the familiar faces at home and the laughters with them as well as to see a delicious dinner in the kitchen and well-groomed bedroom.....haaaaa bestnyer dok rumah kan. Penat cam mana pun bile sampai rumah trus jadi happy. =D =D =D

i hope i recall their names right hehe since i have this terible short-term loss memory.
kimberly, artini, ash, jess and of course my beloved coursemate Qurra. and there are other 5 interns not in picture.
 we are all comes from different department and
i think we wont be going to see each other much after this.


Abir Abhar said...

selamat intern!!
kirim salam to chee hong and qurra jugak k

Adeera Azman said...

Happy fr u ella ! Hehehehehe. Have fun ! hope to see you around !